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  music reviewer, concert reviewer, (and occasionally will whine about how bad the last Bruce Willis movie was)  
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  Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA  
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  ?? URL please ??  
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Dear SpongeNation:

If you happen to see a skinny boy who looks pretty harmless and wouldn't shut up about the following bands: The Pixies, The Dismemberment Plan, Yo La Tengo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Jeff Buckley, Ida, and many others... then please call the proper officials immediately. He is known to his cohorts as "Silvergeek" and he has been spotted walking around Georgia Tech, especially the GT radio station 91.1 FM WREK where he reviews music for the station and DJ's every Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm. He's also been spotted numerous times at different CD stores and rock shows around town.

One girl who saw him described him this way: "a happy, smiling, asian boy". He wears striped shirts a lot and zebraskin shoes. Even though he looks pretty harmless, he is in fact armed and dangerous! Do NOT provoke or approach him in any way. Contact headquarters immediately.

Thank you very much for your co-operation in this matter,

signed: SNPD

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