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So I’ve been asked to do a top 10 list for the year 2003. Upon reflection, I realized I couldn’t really come up with 10 of anything interesting like local restaurants, albums I bought, or movies. Hell, I’m not sure I can say I bought more than 10 albums, went to more than 10 restaurants, or saw more than 10 movies this year, so that’s not saying much for a top 10 of any of those choices. “What do I do a lot of, then?” I pondered, “Aha! The INTERNET!” So, yes, due to an overabundance of time and a general lack of furniture, cable, and money, I spend a lot of time online. So here are my top 10 mind-numbing (and occasionally interesting) websites of 2003. They are in no particular order.


Oh, the drama, the friends’ list prunings, the utter humanity of souls lost in struggle--oh and the QUIZZES. Yeah, whatever. It’s a good way to waste time, bitch about how bored/unhappy/lonely you are, and keep up with your friend’s lives at the same time.


Message boards galore! One for every interest! Well, that and my friends have boards there, so I hang out there to babble about relatively meaningless stuff.


A friend of mine runs this website. It is always good for a rant, random insults, porn links, and the occasional picture of someone’s boobs. Not too shabby. Plus, you can hang out at her message board (when it’s public and not peopled by complete morons), view her camportals (which my own mean mug is featured on), and other fun stuff.

    I spent waaaay too much time here earlier in the year. I got so involved in playing one of my favorite card games, Euchre, that I even joined a league and eventually was made a tournament director. *hangs head* Needless to say, I needed a life. Things have not improved much, but at least I’m not wasting all my time over there anymore.  
    One of my favorite music sites. Being more into the darkwave/industrial/synthpop/insert your favorite pseudo-label here type of music, this site is a godsend.  
    I found this site by accident sometime this year. Priceless. From their website, “How to insult, swear, cuss, and curse in 133 languages!” Need I say more?  
    Yeah, so I don’t visit this site that often, but I’m running out of websites and my friends all love this place. A definite alternative to other ‘boring’ news sites, POE promises, “All the news you want, none of the news you need.”  
    I don’t go here very often, either, but it’s a great timewaster. Most people have heard of this site by now, especially with it breaking out into the literary world with various ‘best of’ collections. Funny made up stories--kind of like the tabloids, only better.  
    Most famous for their online tests. Find out if how much of a punk, a goth, an internet addict and much, much more you are. Another great time waster, and come on, haven’t you always been curious to know if you’re really an evil genius?  
    This is a great humor site. It features amusing ‘experiments’ such as “The Date my Sister Project,” and “The Fat Project.” For an interactive twist, take one of their many tests—find out if you’re a slut, a bitch, gay, what gender you are, etc, etc. Hours of time wasting potential here.  
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