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  The Real Roseanne Show  
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  Wednesdays at 9 PM  
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Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your television, Roseanne is back. And this time it's personal....

Roseanne saw everyone else jumping off the Empire State building and decided that she would to. The self-proclaimed domestic goddess has her own reality TV show.

The show follows the veteran comedian and TV diva as she tries to create a new vehicle for herself. (<TANGENT> A new show, that is, not the Super-Roseanne mobile. Although that would be cool: it could have a secret compartment for Twinkies. </TANGENT>) All I have to say is, how meta!

This show has one of the most bizarre cast of characters that I have ever seen. Roseanne has assembled a bumbling army to assist her in her creation. Some of her minions (you are not the only one who has minions Brendan) include her first husband-turned-assistant, her son-in-law, the one writer she never fired and some guy she found over the Internet that she thought seemed ok.

So, I always knew Roseanne's home life was strange, but I thought it might be the interesting type of strange. If you like to see Roseanne yelling at people, this is the show for you. If you are curious to see Rabbis analyzing the faces of possible producers for her new show to see if they will be successful, go ahead and watch. But these activities prove to be less interesting than they sound.

But really, this show has one gag and it gets old pretty soon. Roseanne show's up and says, "Look at me, I am Roseanne. I can yell at people and I am eccentric and have unconventional beliefs... Did I mention that I am Wacky? Did you meet my friends? They're wacky!"

I cannot see myself watching a season of this and I am a confirmed Reality TV junky. There is some mild "Hey, we can make witty comments while we watch and make fun of it," factor, but there are better subjects out there.

The one saving grace may be it is edited really well. The editor puts statements and actions together to create ironic and mildly humorous situations. But even that is not enough to save the show.

I will however tune in later because I have read that at some point in the season, "reality" collides with "reality." Apparently, the crew of Roseanne's show runs into the crew of The Osbornes on a shopping trip. One would hope something like this would end up in a bloody, ego-induced superstar cage match. One can always hope...

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