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The 7 Sponge Rating Standard for Television Reviews


The details of this Rating System have been composed by The Priestess. This is a good thing, since she does the bulk of the Television Reviews at any rate.



One Sponge: This is worse than watching your dog scratch his hot spots. Just bearing witness makes you queasy.



Two Sponges: This is like watching paint dry. It's not offensive, but you'd have to really be a fan of one of the actors to give a proverbial rat's ass.



Three Sponges: This is an average show. Vanilla, but not even the natural bean kind.



Four Sponges: A decent show that follows through on its intent in that it affects you as it was intended to, but it's nothing to write home about.



Five Sponges: A cut above the rest, but just by a hair.



Six Sponges: Finally, something to write home about! This is a show that stands out as superior-quality programming.



Seven Sponges: This is brilliant television that has something to say. It's the kind of show that will make you want to stay home even though it's trivia night at your favorite watering hole, the kind that's even good in reruns.



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