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Questions about this website

Q: Why is this site "EvilSponge.org"? Was EvilSponge.com taken?
A: There is a difference between a .ORG and a .COM, although with the prevalence of the phrase "dot com" in contemporary media the difference is blurring. Basically, a .COM is intended for commercial purposes, while a .ORG is intended to merely host an organization. EvilSponge is an organization, not a commercial entity. We host no advertizing, and do not make any money off of what we do.

Q: What is it you do? I mean, i use a sponge to clean my dishes, but the i don't think that this is what you are talking about on this site. At least, i hope not -- that would be boring!
A: Yes, it would be boring if this were a site devoted to Sponges That Wash Dishes. Fortunately for you, it is not such a site. Instead, it is a site devoted to Cultural Review. Specifically, the review of American Culture right now.

Q: "Cultural Review"? What the heck does that mean?
A: The answer to that question is the subject of another section of this FAQ, namely Questions about the nature of cultural criticism.

Q: Okay, well, that aside, what can i expect to find on EvilSponge.org?
A: Specifically -- reviews. My Minions and i write reviews of albums, concerts, films, TV shows, bands, and other things when we think of them. We do this not only as a service to you -- helping you filter the good stuff from the crap -- but also as an attempt to gain control over your mind. You will obey Brendan!


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