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Questions about submitting material for review

Q: Does EvilSponge accept submissions?
A: You betcha.

Q: Will you review anything?
A: Well, if you are looking to submit something to us, perhaps you should take a look around the site and see the kind of things that we tend to enjoy.

Q: Well, I have looked around, and I think that my music is the type of stuff you enjoy. How do I get it to you?
A: There has been some debate on this issue. PostLibyan handles getting these things and distributing them to the various Minions. You should email him, and he will let you know where to send it. (As opposed to just posting his address here, on the Internet, for all to see.)

Q: I do a type of music not represented on your site, but I would like to send you a review copy anyway. Will you review it?
A: Well, if you really want us to give it a spin, then by all means email PostLibyan and arrange to send your CD to him. But be warned: there are lots of types of music NOT reviewed on this site, not because the Minions are unaware of these styles, but rather because none of the Minions "get into it", if you know what i mean. For example, there is lots of Industrial Dance music out there, and the Minions have encountered this stuff in clubs, etc. But none of them actively go out seeking this type of music. Hence, no reviews. You might be the most innovative Industrial Dance artist ever, but that does not mean that you are going to appeal to the Minions. So be forewarned: we might pan you.

Q: How long should a review of my work take?
A: That all depends on many issues. Firstly, please note that EvilSponge is NOT any Minion's full-time job. We all work 9 to 5, and write reviews in our spare time. So if work is really busy, a Minion might take some "time off" from EvilSponge. Also, after Brendan has listened to your work, he will assign a Minion to review it. Each Minion makes up his or her own schedule. For example, suppose that you are a garage-rock band out of Texas. You contact PostLibyan, and get him a CD. Brendan listens to it, and decides that this is right up Tracers alley. So he gives it to her. She listens to it and then begins formulating a review. Then one of the servers that she administers in her Day Job catches fire in a freak wiring accident, causing seven months of data to be lost. Tracers works 20 hour days for three weeks repairing the situation, during which she does not review your CD. After the crisis is over and Tracers is well rested again, she returns to your CD. In the meantime, however, The Rock*A*Teens have miraculously re-united and released a disc as strong as Baby, A Little Rain Must Fall. Tracers will devote her attention to the RATs disc, and you will be on the back burner.... A series of events like this might drag on for months. But, you will eventually be reviewed. It might take a while, but we will say something. Now, this is a "worst case scenario". It generally takes us a month or so to review a disc, but we just want you to know that it might take longer.

Q: What if i really really want you to review my CD before the release date?
A: Well, if it's that important to you we can give it the old college try, but we make no guarantees.

Q: Do you want "press release material" as well, or will just the CD be okay?
A: If you have "press release material" it might help us know who you are and where you are coming from, so all by all means enclose it. If you don't have such stuff, don't sweat it. We can review the album without knowing anything about you. Heck, we know very little about MOST of the artists we review....


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