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Welcome to the year 2001 future minions!

New Reviews:
   Album: Beyond Good And Evil by The Cult
   Album: Les Bains Douches by Joy Division
   Album: Amnesiac by Radiohead
   Concert: MYSSOURI on Sat.21.Jul.01
   Concert: MYSSOURI w/ American Dream and Hubcap City on Sat.16.June.01
    Film: America's Sweethearts
    Film: The Chocolat review has been expanded.

New Reviews:
   Album: Satellite Rides by The Old 97's
   Band: an update to the Evaluated Discography for the band, Ida has been posted
   Concert: JACK LOGAN w/ The Possiblities on Sat.11.Aug.01
   Concert: THE PLASTIC PLAN w/ Potomac Accord and Chinaski on Sat.18.Aug.01
    Film: Ghost World
    Film: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

New Reviews:
   Album: Peel Session 2 by Autechre
   Album: Le Carillon by The Autumns
   Album: A Nice Life by stillife;gaijin
   Album: Collection by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
   Concert: THE WHITE LIGHTS w/ Tijuana Hercules and American Dream on Sat.4.Aug.2001
    Film: Chocolat

New Reviews:
   Album: No Kill No Beep Beep by Q And Not U
   Concert: BOUBACAR TRAORE on Fri.6.July.2001
   Concert: THE DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS w/ Bully on Fri.20.July.2001
   Concert: THE ALBUM LEAF w/ Helms on Thu.26.July.2001
   Concert: THE DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS w/ Hick'ry Hawkins and Amy Pike and The Last Cold Beer on Fri.27.July.2001
   Film: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

New Reviews:
   Album: On Air by Pain
   Album: Old Ramon by Red House Painters
   Album: Roulette by Violet Indiana
   Concert: SMOG w/ Husky on Sat.9.July.2001
   Concert: MIRA w/ The Changelings and Tourmalin on Fri.20.July.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Gold by Bethany Curve
   Album: Rock Action by Mogwai
   Album: Love At Absolute Zero by My Favorite
   Concert: HAYRIDE w/ Ceiling Fan on Sat.14.July.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Standards by Tortoise
   Album: Consciousness by Windy And Carl
   Concert: MOGWAI w/ Bardo Pond on Tues.19.June.01
   Concert: RED HOUSE PAINTERS w/ Champale on Mon.25.June.01
   Film: Moulin Rouge

New Reviews:
   Album: The Violent Years by The Black Halos
   Album: City Under Siege by Plexorjet

New Reviews:
   Album: All Summer Long by Ashley Stove
   Album: Reveal by R.E.M.
   Concert: TORTOISE w/ Autechre and Nobukazu Takemura on Thu.24.May.2001
   Concert: SALOME'S WISH w/ Aphelion and Crybaby on Thu.31.May.2001

New Reviews:
   Concert: CROOKED FINGERS w/ Azure Ray on Sat.26.May.2001
   Concert: THE ESKIMOS w/ Greta Lee and The Dot Commies on Fri.25.May.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Crybaby by Crybaby
   Album: Mass Romantic by The New Pornographers
   Concert: THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN w/ Enon on Sun.20.May.2001
   Concert: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on Wed.23.May.2001
    TV Movie: The Day After
    TV Show: VIP

New Reviews:
   Album: Home Is Where It Hurts by Hood
   Album: The Sky At Night by Love Tractor
   Album: Shoes And Rider by Shoes And Rider
   Concert: KELLY HOGAN w/ Glory Fountain on Fri.27.Apr.2001
   Concert: THE SUBSONICS w/ Ultrababyfat and The Motolitas on Sat.28.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: In An Off White Room by The Album Leaf

New Reviews:
   Album: Stag by Amy Ray
   Concert: ARAB STRAP w/ Japancakes on Sat.7.Apr.2001
   Concert: FLASH TO BANG TIME w/ Andy Browne and Crybaby on Fri.27.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Auspicous Winds by Yume Bitsu
   Concert: SHARKS AND MINNOWS W/ American Dream and Ashen on Fri.20.Apr.2001
   Concert: SPLINT W/ Asanisomasa and C'est Morte on Sat.21.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Azure Ray by Azure Ray
   Concert: METROSCENE w/ Myssouri and Golden Arm Trio on Sat.21.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Let The War Against Music Begin by The Minus 5
   Album: Gung Ho by Patti Smith
   Album: Because We Hate You by The Young Fresh Fellows
   Concert: THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS w/ Pinfed on Sat.31.Mar.2001
   Concert: SHOES AND RIDER w/ Isobella on Mon.2.Apr.2001
   Concert: CANYON w/ Myssouri on Fri.6.Apr.2001
   Concert: THE ORB w/ Witchman and LX Patterson on Sat.14.Apr.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Pelican by Bonnevill
   Album: Fixed::Content by Labradford
   Album: Newness Ends by The New Year
   Concert: THE ROCK*A*TEENS w/ Ashley Stove on Friday.30.March.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Space, Melody, Purity by Datura Dream Deferred
   Album: The Fire Show by The Fire Show
   Album: Young American Primitive by Young American Primitive

New Reviews:
   Album: Furnace Songs by Myssouri
   Album: Denmark by The Ocean Blue
   Band: The Rock*A*Teens

New Reviews:
   Album: Injury Loves Melody by Diffuser
   Album: The Sleepy Strange by Japancakes

New Reviews:
   Album: Bring On The Snakes by Crooked Fingers
   Album: Rock Bottom by The Kiss Offs
   Album: This Is Not A Film by Underwater
   Concert: Jonathan Richman with The Subsonics on Friday.16.March.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: Gear Blues by Thee Michelle Gun Elephant
   Album:Cydonia by The Orb
   Album: Electric Waco Chair by The Waco BrothersRos
   Concert: Five-Eight and Big Fish Ensemble on Friday.2.March.2001
   Film: But I'm A Cheerleader

New Reviews:
   Album: Agaetis Byrjun by Sigur Ros
   Concert: Underwater, Automobil?, and Tourmalin on Friday.2.March.2001

New Reviews:
   Album: That's Not What I Heard By The Gossip
   Concert: Superchunk and Spoon on Friday.23.February.2001

Silvergeeks comments added to the WRAS 30th Anniversay Benefit concert.
New Reviews:
   Concert: Myssouri, Dropsonic, Adom, and Crybaby on Thursday.8.February.2001
   Concert: American Dream, Casionova, The Close, and The Rock*A*Teens on Friday.16.February.2001
   Film: Erin Brokovitch
   Film: Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Minion data added for Zythos the Beergod.
New Reviews:
   Album: In The Russet Gold Of This Vain Hour by The Autumns
   Album: Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons by Blonde Redhead
   Concert: WRAS 30th Anniversay Benefit on Friday.19.January.2001
   Concert: Q And Not U and The Young Antiques on Saturday.3.February.2001

Minion data added for Brillo.
New Review:
   Album: Lost Souls by The Doves

New Reviews:
   Album: Noise Made By People by Broadcast
   Album: Oui by The Sea and Cake

New Reviews:
   Album: Cone of So by American Dream
   Album: Furnace Room Lullaby by Neko Case and Her Boyfriends
   Album: Julie, Etc. by Sharks and Minnows
   Album: All That You Can't Leave Behind by U2
   Album: Hurrah by Versus
   Concert: Drive-By Truckers on Sat.30.Dec.2000

New Reviews:
   Album: He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts Of Light Sometimes Grace The Corner Of Our Rooms by A Silver Mt. Zion
   Album: The Gap by Joan Of Arc
   Album: Song by Lullaby For The Working Class
   Album: Secret South by 16 Horsepower
   Album: Ghost Tropic by Songs: Ohia

New Reviews:
   Album: Reactionary by Face To Face
   Album: Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven by Godspeed You Black Emperor!
   Album: Kid A by Radiohead
   Album: Hanging Out In Heaven by Marty Wilson-Piper
   Concert: American Dream on Sat.23.Dec.2000
   Film: Dungeons and Dragons

New Reviews:
   Concert: Songs: Ohia on Fri.8.Dec.2000
   Concert: Fire Show on Mon.18.Dec.2000

Special section added about End Of The Year Lists. Have a great New Years, future minions!

New Reviews:
   Album: Set and Setting by Bardo Pond
   Album: Little Lost Soul by Third Eye Foundation

New Reviews:
   Album: The Blossom Filled Streets by Movietone
   Album: Dark Treasures: A Gothic Tribute to the Cocteau Twins
   Concert: Eric Bachmann on Thu.9.Nov.2000
   Concert: The Dismemberment Plan on Thu.30.Nov.2000

Minion data added for Malimus.
New Reviews:
   Album: Wishville by Catherine Wheel
   Album: Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead by Do Make Say Think
   Album: Gwei-lo by Gwei-lo
   Album: Rock N' Roll Singer by Mark Kozelek
   Album: Spine and Sensory by Tristeza


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