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  Shilpa Ray
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Shilpa Ray is back with a single to tide us over until her next album.

The A-side is a slow ballad called Shoot This Dying Horse. Shilpa's keyboards tinkle and her voice wails, rich with timbre and somber emotion. This is a sad song, but achingly beautiful, her voice strong and wavering. Her band comes in after a minute, the guitar picking a slight echoing melody and the drums scattered. Beautiful, slow, and sad.

The B-side is a cover version of Is It My Body, originally recorded by Alice Cooper. I am not that familiar with Alice Cooper, to be honest, and i don't think i have ever heard this song before this version. This is classic 1970s rock. The guitar chugs, the organ reverbs, and Shilpa sings forcefully. It's a rocker, and, well, okay. Maybe if i was a fan of the original i would like this version more.

But that A-side. Wow.

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