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  Council of Nine  
Release Date:
  sometime in 2002  
Reviewed by:

Ti-cal is an ambient project of Tarl Broad-Ashman, who also records as Innerrise. I have adored the remixes that Innerrise have done for Portal and Yellow6, so i tracked down a copy of this CD on a very cool little ambient label out of the UK called Council of Nine. Anyway, from what i can piece together off of the press pages, Mr. Broad-Ashman apparently is the nephew of Simon Gallup, and that is where his fascination with music began.

No, Simon Gallup is in The Cure. You know, Boys Don't Cry etc. etc. I don't think he has anything to do with public opinion polls. I would have thought that was clear from my "music" comment...

Anyway, i tracked this CD down because i have been so impressed with Innerrise. This, however, is most distictly not Innerrise. Oh sure, it's the same human being, but the focus is entirely different. Innerrise makes very lovely smooth remixed electronica. All soft sounds with charming, if low-key, beats. Ti-Cal is more about tones and waves of sound, without the beats. This is an album of shapeless, quiet music constructed out of cascades of synth tones. It is formless, quiet, relaxing.

Whereas Innerrise makes music within the constraints of concepts like "song" and "time frame", the music of Ti-cal transcends that to create a long, wandering piece. Basically, this album is one thing. You would put it on and listen to it all the way through, rather than just picking out a track to hear. Different concepts, really.

It is also, quite frankly, rather beautiful. Mr. Broad-Ashman does a damned fine job of it. His music is really minimal. It is quiet and calming because it is slowly flowing from point A, the beginning, to point B, the end.

You know how people say that glass is really a liquid and that it flows, slowly, so that in a hundred years the windows on your home will be thicker at the bottom than at the top? That's a good analogy here -- this music is on a very long time scale, moving imperceptably along. Most music makes a journey in 4 or 5 minutes. Most other ambient music makes a journey in 9 or 10 minutes. This album makes one journey for it's entire duration. The only other album that i can really compare it to, in that sense, is Consciousness by Windy and Carl. This is 50 minutes of a meditative journey that will last ... forever.

I know that this will bore the bejeezus out of many people, but if you like ambient music, if you enjoyed such artists as Pub, Casino vs. Japan, and Loscil that i have reviewed here, then you should seek out Ti-cal. It's like all of those artists, only moreso.

It is also, apparently, difficult to describe.

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