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  Chat Blanc Records  
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Port-Royal have become one of our favorites here at EvilSponge, thanks in no small part to the championing of minion Brett Spaceman. He has made sure that we at the HQ are kept up to date on what the lads from Italy are up to. And he helped me track down a copy of this EP, which is insanely hard to find.

I am glad he did, because this is not only typical of the great work Port-Royal do, but it also includes one of the last recorded testaments of one of my favorite acts, Landing, who went on hiatus not long after this was released. There are five tunes in a little over 21 minutes here, so let's take a look.

Things start off with Stasi, which is a short number of mellow synth tones coupled with slow, echoed guitar bits. This is a quiet ambient interlude to start things off. It fades out slowly, and then a happy keyboard riff bounces in. This second song is called The Beat of the Tiger, and apparently the tiger is grooving along quite nicely, thanks for asking. This is a really fun song, with a happy melody, some nice percussion, and a low drone. Lovely.

The next track here is called Song of Megaptera and is credited to Post-Royal vs. Selaxon Lutberg. Selaxon Lutberg is, apparently, a Roman artist with a musical affinity for what Port-Royal are doing. I believe that here Port-Royal are remixing a Selaxon Lutberg song. It features a nice cut-n-paste rhythm and some deep droning. Nice enough.

The next song is the one that interests me most. It is the Landing remix of the Port-Royal song Zobione Pt. 1, from their Flares record. This is, according to Landing's entry on, only their second released remix to date (the first being what they did on the Yellow6 remix album) and as i have already pointed out, the band is on hiatus, so we are unlikely to get anything more any time soon. Anyway, this sounds like a typical Landing song. It builds slowly, and there is a ton of reverb and echo, so that the sounds wash over you slowly as they build. It's really lovely.

The final track here is the Millimetrik remix of Zobione Pt. 2. Millmetrik layers in some deep beats, and makes this into a something in that almost hip-hop vein of things that he does. If you enjoy it, then this is a fine example of the Millimetrik sound, based on the mellow drones of Port-Royal.

Overall, this is another fine release. I find much to enjoy here, and i like the fact that the remixes allow other artists to take the songs and make them their own. Well done, all around.

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