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2004 Year End Best Of

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We had good news and bad news. 2004, like many years that preceded it, was full of news. The year's biggest news story slipped in just under the wire: an earthquake and tsunamis killed more than 100,000 people in south Asia and Africa.

One of my New Year's resolutions is to try to look at the positive. So, here are the year's Top 10 good news stories. There are probably more important stories, but these are the stories that made me happy, and I will take all the happiness I can get!


Ken Jennings wins more than $2.5 million on Jeopardy.
This is further proof of my belief that useless knowledge should be rewarded. What makes me very happy about this is that I believe it marks the first time in Jeopardy that a contestant has uttered the words "What is a Ho, Alex?"


Someone is finally telling Janet Jackson to cover up.
It was the most Tivoed moment of all time (though I m scared to learn that someone is keeping track of these things): Janet Jackson let her boob fly (whether she meant to or not) in front of everyone. The downsides are that men can expect less boobs on TV and the phrase "Wardrobe Malfunction" is now in the global lexicon.


A study finds frequent sex may cut the risk of cancer.
This is like finding out that candy makes you thin. What great news -- if you are having sex, that is.


John Stewart calls Tucker Carlson a ... well... um...
So John Stewart goes on cable TV and calls Tucker Carlson a name and basically rips into him. It just makes me happy that thousands of Gen X-ers now know who the hell Tucker Carlson is.


Red Rover, Red Rover, send Spirit right over.
Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on the Martian surface. They collected lots of cool information! I am so glad something went well for NASA. And I am so glad we finally had a space craft on Mars that did not tip over or get stolen by Martians.


Drunken Bear passes out at campground.
This bear is my hero. It drank 36 beers and passed out at a campground like he owned the place. And he was picky about the beer he drank. He tried the Busch beer and instead went for the local brew. I want a commercial with a drunken Smokey the Bear telling people to support their local breweries. Let's throw in a crack-smoking Woodsy the Owl while we are at it! On second thought, let's not.


The presidential election did not go on for months.
Whether you agree with the outcome or not, at least we did not have to go to the Supreme Court for this one. We just said no to Chads.


More people went to see Prince in concert than Britney Spears.
In accordance with prophecy. While the state of the big name concerts is not all that great, the overall music taste for the country has taken a turn for the better I think. Britney had to cancel a bunch of concerts on her tour because she hurt her leg. Tonya Harding was found running from the scene and Britney was on the floor clutching her leg yelling "Why? Whyyyyyyy?"


Red Sox beat the Yankees and win the World Series.
Maybe not good news if you are a Yankees fan, but at least the Sox will stop whining about that curse thing. I was cursed once, still am in fact. But you don't see me using that as an excuse for never winning the World Series. I managed to rise above adversity.


We have gotten through another year without complete annihilation.
Here is hoping for a prosperous and relatively uneventful 2005.

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