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2006 Year End Best Of

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  Indoor Miner  
  1. Ringleader of the Tormentors by Morrissey
    Not the glam-fest that was to be expected of a Morrissey album that was produced by T.Rex / Bowie knob-twiddler Tony Visconti (I'm not saying I was expecting a dour Mancunian take on Metal Guru exactly, but...hey maybe I was!!), but this string-laden, predominantly downbeat set is a great Moz LP all the same. OK, it wont win over the unconverted, but for anyone who has ever liked the man, be it alone or in The Smiths, this is pretty essential stuff. Ringleader opens with the awesome I Will See You In Far-off Places and peaks about two thirds of the way through with the epic Life Is A Pigsty (with its Magazine-like intro and singalong finale) and the heartfelt I'll Never Be Anybodys Hero Now.
  2. Hello Young Lovers by Sparks
    Innovative, inspired, silly. Love it. Yep, the oddball Mael brothers are on a roll. Following the poppy Balls and the almost symphonic Lil Beethoven, Sparks deliver their third great album in a row. True originals.
  3. Out of True by The Nightingales
    First new album by The Nightingales for something like 20 years, and fans of their 80s albums like Pigs On Purpose might be amazed to find that this is fit to be mentioned in the same breath. Tracks like Hard Up (Buffering 87% Completed) and the truly bonkers UK Randy Mom Epidemic are full of wonderful Beefheartian riffs. Company Man marries one of these slightly left of centre guitar lines with an almost irritatingly catchy chorus, whilst The Chorus Is In The Title opens with a Mony Mony beat and is the only song I can think of that mentions glam rock also-rans Blackfoot Sue. Perhaps best of all though is Rocket Pool Via Rough Hills, which features an Eddie Cochran riff and a beat to die for. Wonderful stuff!
  4. A Call and Response by The Longcut
    Three years after their excellent demo and two years after their debut EP on Deltasonic, these Manchester lads finally got round to releasing their first album. And very good it is too. Those of you who have bought their two EPs will know something like 50% of it already, but no matter. The Longcut, with their long instrumental passage and short bursts of shouty vocals, are probably the best young British band around for me. Unfortunately, the word on the street in this cutthroat era is that they are now label-less, though I'm sure someone else will snap them up soon.
  5. In the Maybe World by Lisa Germano
    A head-on collision of soft, melodic and beautiful with eerie, haunting and at times disturbing, this album has some unique qualities. And I don't use the word unique lightly.
  6. Fab Four Suture by Stereolab
    I guess its tempting for some folk to dismiss this as just another Stereolab album, and question whether you really need another. Well when they're this good I guess the answer is yes, you do.
  7. Ensemble by Ensemble
    Ensemble mainman Oliver Alary has worked with Bjork in the non-too-distant past and it's easy to see why the Icelandic wonder was attracted to his work if this is anything to go by. There's that same sense of spaciousness to proceedings, even when its under-pinned by lots of clattery beats. Lou Barlow (Sebadoh) and Cat Power's Chan Marshall add heartfelt vocals that bring out the best of One Kind To Mind and Disown Delete respectively, but the highlight for me is All We Leave Behind where the Mileesess vocals are little short of gorgeous.
  8. Rather Ripped by Sonic Youth
    This has met with a mixed response, but I like it. There's several great SY guitar flights of fancy, and a great pop song in Sleeping Around that in an ideal world would probably trouble the charts.
  9. Drift by Scott Walker
    I'm not actually sure I like this, to be perfectly honest. And I'd be lying if I said I prefer hearing a man who is perhaps the finest vocalist I've ever heard caterwauling over a percussive joint of meat rather than hearing him croon about Plastic Palace People, or even telling us to make it easy on ourselves for that matter. But, well I sure as hell admire Walker pursuing this determined, singular vision when it would so easy to make a fortune re-living those old Walker Brothers favourites in Vegas. Drift is intense to an almost scary degree and isn't one to play at your family gatherings. Unless your surname is Addams, of course.
  10. Mish Maoul by Natacha Atlas
    My favourite living female singer comes up with the goods once again, mixing all that ethnic instrumentation and wailing with dance beats, rapping and as always moments of real beauty. I don't mean to sound like some sexist pig, but she could belly dance in my kitchen anyday.
          Compilations /Re-issues / live etc (A-Z)

The Future Crayon by Broadcast
Paris 1919 by John Cale
Concert Climax by Julian Cope
Jehovahkill by Julian Cope
All American Alien Boy by Ian Hunter
Spunk by Sex Pistols
Live at the Leigh Rock Festival 1979 by Various Artists (Joy Division/ACR/OMITD/Teardrop Explodes)
The Final Cuts by Marc Bolan & T.Rex
A Whole Zinc of Finches by Tyrannosaurus Rex
Live at The Roxy / Live at CBGB by Wire

          Singles of the Year

It's definitely been a poor year for singles as far as I'm concerned, but here's ten I liked. Arty-farty abstract types look away now!

Sorry by Madonna
Minimal by Pet Shop Boys
Crazy by Gnarls Barklay
Lets Think About Living by The Nightingales
You Have Killed Me by Morrissey
I'm With Stupid by The Pet Shop Boys
World Hold On by Bob Sinclar
Like a Pen by The Knife
Just Like the Rain by Richard Hawley
Young Folks by Peter Bjorn & John


JULIAN COPE at Manchester Academy II on Fri.24.Feb.06
I've been to some good gigs this year. Sparks, The Nightingales, The Dead 60's, and Morrissey's final Sunday Night at the London Palladium deserves a special mention, whilst Manchester band Movement were on fine form in their final gig. But this Cope show is definitely the gig of the year for me. Taking in all areas of his career, from the early Teardrop Explodes fave Books (now complete with wailing guitar solos!) to the likes of She's Gotta A Ring On Her Finger from his recent Dark Orgasm album, and ending with the big hit single World Shut Your Mouth and the epic wig-out that is Reynard The Fox, the great man delivered one of the best Cope gigs I've seen. And that's apart from all the wonderful banter. Absolutely fabulous stuff!!

            Music DVD  
      T.Rex on TV by Marc Bolan & T.Rex
There's something like three hours of the Bopping Imp to get your teeth into here. A documentary, the T.Rex In The Round special, and a fab live version of Dandy In The Underworld from some kids TV show recorded a few months before Bolan died are all well worth watching. But it's obviously that glorious run of hits from Ride A White Swan to 20th Century Boy a couple of years or so later that you're going to keep coming back to.
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