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2011 End of the Year List






A listicle type thingy.

Albums built around angry young men with guitars:
  1. White Wives, Happeners
  2. Thrice, Major/Minor
  3. Manchester Orchestra, Simple Math
  4. PUJOL, Nasty, Brutish and Short
  5. Fucked Up, David Comes To Life
  6. Frank Turner, England Keep My Bones

Albums involving sensitive young men who care about your feelings:
  1. Kevin Devine, Between the Concrete and the Clouds
  2. Elbow, Build A Rocket Boys!
  3. The Rural Alberta Advantage, Departing
  4. Okkervil River, I Am Very Far
  5. Ravishers, Ravishers

Electropop killed the video star:
  1. True Loves, Hooray For Earth
  2. The Wombats, This Modern Glitch

Randomly inserted other album:
  Castor, The Twin
by Dessa

Albums that twang and reverberate in an appropriate fashion:
  1. Bird of Youth, Defender
  2. Those Darlins, Screws Get Loose
  3. Larry and His Flask, All That We Know
  4. Jolie Holland, Pint of Blood
  5. Damion Suomi & The Minor Prophets, Go And Sell Your Things
  6. Ha Ha Tonka, Death of a Decade

Indie rock is indie pop is indie futile, or "an exercise creating catchy genre descriptions bores me."
  1. The Generationals, Actor-Caster
  2. The Dodos, No Color
  3. Ghost Heart, The Tunnel
  4. Voxhaul Broadcast, Timing Is Everything
  5. Say Hi, Um, Uh Oh

All things told, in the order of preference as it exists exactly right now, at the time of this typing:
  5. Simple Math
  4. England Keep My Bones
  3. Defender
  2. The Tunnel
  1. Um, Uh Oh

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