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2009 Year End Best Of

Minion Name:
  Mr Pharmacist  

Tough year for a best of list. Maybe middle age has shrunk my lobes or made me impervious to non-nostalgia. Seem to be looking back a lot lately (that R.E.M. Monster CD sounds better than it did when I first heard it....). Here's what I dug, in no particular order.....

The Sound, the Speed, the Light by Mission of Burma. A grower, this one.

Glitter and Doom Live by Tom Waits. No substitute for the real thing and not as tasty as a few boots of the tour.

Popular Songs by Yo la Tengo. Not completely solid but has some fine moments. Man, I sound grouchy....

Goodnight Oslo by Robyn Hitchcock. All the people on my list are old. I'm old!!!

Live in London by Leonard Cohen. God, he's really old. I'm having an existential crisis here....

Landing by Githead. This is ridiculous......

That's it! I can't do anymore! Next year I'll be listening to Sting or anything with a lute in it. Shoot me, please.....

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