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2010 Year End Best Of

Minion Name:
  Mr Pharmacist  

I'm old. What is it with those young people? Get off my lawn! Here's my fave muzak of the year and it's full of old people..

  1. Absolute Dissent by Killing Joke. It's like they thawed out the 80s and it still smells fresh!

  2. Red Bark Tree by Wire. This, like the one before, finds Wire looking back instead of forward. Mixed but still Wire.

  3. Camera by Joe Morris. Free jazz quartet with a cello. What if Coltrane played the viola?

  4. Complete String Quartets by Xenakis. Galactic movement made accessible.

  5. Bruckner: The Nine Symphonies by Daniel Barenboim. God belched.

  6. The Rub and Spare Change by Michael Formanek. More Jazz. Good for your amygdale.

Everything else I liked was old, old, old. Rediscoveries of stuff I'd missed and decades old. Maybe the new year will open my wrinkled ears and they'll grow three sizes?

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