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Brett Spaceman's seven loaded sponges for 2007


Brett Spaceman:


There's every chance nobody else will tell you about these bands, so it's up to the Spaceman to let you into these secret treasures. Watch them fly this year.

immanu el
Since it seems I'm in love with all things Swedish, here's another. immanu el are working as we speak to finish their debut long player and follow-up to the beautiful Killerwhale EP. (Go and listen to Panda on their MySpace page right now). Inhabiting a landscape somewhere between Sigur Ros and The Bends. Lovely. Expect a Spring 2007 release.

Manchester's favourite secret doom-laden indie rockers could beat up Interpol with one hand tied behind their back. 2007 will see a 4th long player and see the band back in more familiar angst-ridden, effect-laden territory. Imagine an early New Order enthused with some Stone Roses attitude. Mancs doing what they're best at - being miserable and proud of it. Hopeful too of a US compilation release showcasing the best of the previous 3 albums. Get your dollars and cents ready, my lovely people. Not to mention your raincoats.

Remix kings of the North East finally ready to unveil their own long player. Can't wait.

We loved their Flares album at Evilsponge HQ. Can their sophomore effort match up?

2006's Progress Reform mini album was something of a mild surprise, mixing Explosions In the Sky dynamics with wry, art-rock posturing. I'm hoping that their full length can fulfill some of the promise glimpsed on tracks such as Rook House for Bobby. If they can throw off the limitations and shackles of gimmicky Uniforms and eccentric tales of doomed explorers, chess masters, etc. (done to death already by bands such as British Sea Power), and add some much needed variety to their set, they could be looking at one of the most significant works of the year.

Tobias Lilja
This Swede has a voice every bit as haunting as Antony (of the Johnsons) yet with an ultra-modern, electronic approach to composition. These songs are at once eerie and life-affirming. The long player Time Is On My Side out soon on n5MD records.

The National
They expect their 4th album toward the end of 2007. Considering the progresses this band usually makes between releases coupled with the astonishing quality of Alligator, the betting on 2007 Album of the Year might already be off.

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