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2009 Year End Best Of

Minion Name:
  Brett Spaceman  
Brendan's Note:
  Brett Spaceman has all growed up and now runs his own online music site, [sic] Magazine. His magazine reviewed many of the releases he mentions. Links where available.  
Brett Spaceman:

It was a strong year, lacking really spectacular releases. While I appreciate the likes of HEALTH, Grizzly Bear, and Animal Collective, they never quite made my ten. Grammatics and Last Days can count themselves unlucky not to be Album of the Year. In another universe they would be. But my choice went to The Boxer Rebellion, a comeback story of epic proportions. Four years ago, Nathan was on life support. Now he's back fronting the most energized and uplifting slice of arena-angst since The Bends. Honestly, I could see these guys come gunning for Coldplay next year. I really could.



  1. Union by The Boxer Rebellion
  2. The Safety of The North by Last Days
  3. Grammatics by Grammatics
  4. Spring Tides by Jeniferever
  5. Hey Folks. Nevermind. We are all falling down! by Japanese Gum
  6. Forget The Night Ahead by The Twilight Sad
  7. A Balloon called Moaning by The Joy Formidable
  8. We are not an island by Vib Gyor
  9. Dying In Time by port-royal
  10. The Sun And The Moon Sessions by Black Swan Lane
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