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Success is a cruel mistress. Perhaps it is the biggest joke of all that suceeding at your goals never gives you what you set out to achieve. Or, rather, that once one has a modicum of success, one cannot sit back on one's pseudopodia and relax. Oh no, one has to continue to work to remain on top.

Three years ago i started this little Internet Adventure as a way for a small group of friends to share their enthusiasm for music in many differnet forms. For three years we hammered out reviews, struggling to put content up there while wondering if any was noticing.

Oh, they were noticing all right. Early this year were were compelled, due to the frequency of email and guest book questions, to put up a page telling people how to send us albums to review. And they followed that advice.

And now we need your help. I think it only appropriate that i do this in the form of a "Want Ad".

DWS, 33, non-smoker, serious drinker. Seeks other hermaphroditic invertibrate for laughs, fine dinners, and world domination. No freaks.

WHOOPS! Wrong ad. Ah, here it is:

Do you like to write? If so, EvilSponge, an online zine, is currently in need of new writers. We are a "cultural critique" site, meaning that we review Albums, Concerts, TV Shows, Movies, etc. and write about them as extensively as we feel like. Really, we are open to suggestion. There is no pay, just the unlimited glory of writing about music on the Internet. Plus the occasional promo, or guest list to a show. Interested parties should send 2 writing samples (of what you would consider "average length" for a review) to: brendan@evilsponge.org. I will review your work, consulting with the Politburo of Minions, and we shall make a decision on whether or not we feel your writing to be acceptible for our format. At which point we will get back to you, either way. Freaks welcomed.

So there you go. We need more writers. Anyone?

If you would like to see a few Writing Guidelines to help give you an idea of what we are looking for, by all means follow the link.


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