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Questions about Brendan's Minions

Q: Where are you based?
A: I and my minions are based in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States of America.

Q: How does one become a "minion"?
A: Bitterness helps. As does "the willingness to let a small, spineless creature control your mind". I am currently accepting applications for "miniondom". Just send your resume to: Brendan@evilsponge.org. Become the first on your block! Soon, all the cool kids will be Minions.

Q: No seriously. I want to write for you guys. What do i need to do?
A. Well, if you are serious then read this page i have compiled about our Recruitment Drive. Instructions are included there. If you are serious.

Q: Hi, i'm a sarcastic nubile female with a penchant for obscure music and sulking. What is PostLibyan doing on Friday night?
A. Whatever you want, bay-be!

Q: I want to know details about a particular Minion. How can i find stuff out?
A: Conventiently enough, each Minion maintains a brief bio on this website. You may peruse the Roster of Minions at your liesure.

Q: Okay, but what if i want to know something that isn't covered on the bio page?
A: On each bio page is a link that will allow you to send personal email to the Minion in question. If you want to yell at a Minion, ask that Minion out on a date, or simply talk with the Minion, then you can email them from their bio page.


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