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2010 Year End Best Of

Minion Name:

Despite the fact that I have not submitted a review to EvilSponge in way too long, I love words. Sometimes there are combinations of words that come up in conversations between the Minions or in the media that just make my heart sing.

Usually these words do not have any business being in the same sentence or make no sense out of context. But the fact that they fall together to make a beautiful (and often humorous) phrase, it something I feel needs to be recognized.

The best way I have found to recognize these wonderful juxtapositions is to submit them as a potential trivia team name for the trivia team populated by some of the Minions each week. The names don't always get used, but they make me happy none the less.

So here in no particular order are my favorite potential Team Trivia names for 2010.

Truck Full of Sharks
Satan's in my Collard Greens
Orcas Prefer Blonds
Puppies, Porn, and Piracy
Willy Nilly Silly Old Cthulhu
Empirical Evidence of Awesomeness

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