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2009 Year End Best Of

Minion Name:
  Indoor Miner  
Singles of 2009:
  1. Liquid Mercury by The Wild Swans
    It's only a couple of weeks since I reviewed this here, so there's not a lot more I can say except that, not only is it my favourite single of the year, but the b-side the Wickedest Man In The World is probably my favourite track of the year. It gets me every time...

  2. See Tha Light by Alan Vega / A.R.E. Weapons
    I bet A.R.E. Weapons couldn't believe their luck. One of the most Suicide-influenced acts ever managing to get the mighty Alan Vega on vocals on this excellent one sided 12" single. See Tha Light is slow snaky funk, topped off with a typically great Vega performance,

  3. English Electric Lighting by The Wild Swans
    The long awaited return from Paul Simpson's legendary 80s band. A fabulously melodic six minute single that dares to attempt to rhyme 'Shakespeare's sonnets' with 'pools of vomit'.

  4. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris by Morrissey
    It was obvious from the first listen that this was a classic Moz vocal performance. It didn't take long to realise that this was a classic Moz a-side either.

  5. Love by Pet Shop Boys
    The days of number one singles might be long consigned to the past, but the PSB's still know how to make a classic pop record, and this has one of their catchiest choruses in some time.

  6. Love Is a Wave by Crystal Stilts
    Thrashy yet tuneful, and clocking in under two minutes. Yes, this is definitely one for fans of early Jesus and Mary Chain.

  7. Did You See Me Coming by Pet Shop Boys.
    And to prove that Love was no one-off, the Petties followed it up with this. The second great PSB single of the year.

  8. Goodbye by Seeland
    If you've already got the Tomorrow Today album and you think buying this single would be a waste of time, then let me direct you to the other track here, the ten minute Tears Of An Architect, which is part Krautrock and part 60s TV theme tune.

  9. Remix EP by Dark Captain Light Captain
    Five remixes of some old DCLC faves. The Hatchback Remix of Questions is gorgeous but it's the Can-like Vernal Equinox Remix of Summer that is the pick of the lot.

  10. Mind Raft EP by Deradoorian
    I came across Deradoorian via Seeing For Miles, an excellent free CD with the Uncut magazine. Her track, Moon, taken from this EP, is wonderfully hypnotic, bettered only by the Sun Araw track. Unfortunately tracking down the Sun Araw CD in the UK has proved altogether more difficult so far...
LPs of the Year:
  1. Tomorrow Today by Seeland
    Ex Broadcast and Plone guys get together to create great, slightly off-kilter pop LP. A bit of Dalek I, a bit of early Human League, the odd Motorik beat, and some top toons.

  2. Tarot Sport by Fuck Buttons
    The previous Fuck Buttons album (Street Horrsing) was promising enough, coming on like some distorted contemporary take on 23 Skidoo's classic Seven Songs, but this more dancey Andrew Weatherall produced follow up is a giant leap forward. Fabulous.

  3. One Hundred and One Drones by MyBroken101
    OK, this wears its influences on its sleeves, but MyBroken 101 sure have listened to the right people! Anyone who likes Loop, Spacemen 3, The Stooges and Suicide are gonna love this. There's also a bit of Snapper a la Buddy in there, which is of course a good thing. Hugely enjoyable!

  4. Alpinisms by School Of Seven Bells
    Alpinisms is quite light and frothy at times, with some really good pop tunes including the fabulously bouncy Chain.

  5. Mystery Workshop by Rebecca Joy Sharp
    I bought this at a Wild Swans gig as I'd loved one of Sharp's tracks. What a good move that turned out to be. This might be the only harp record I've got, but it sure is beautiful.

  6. Landing by Githead
    Colin Newman returns with his other band, though it's Malka Spigel who seems to be playing the more prominent role on this one. Actually, I reckon this is better than the last Wire album.

  7. Insult to Injury by The Nightingales
    There are some classic Nightingales moments here, with Double Whammy Bar and its wonderfully chiming riff, being good enough to stand next to anything they've ever done in their long, illustrious career.

  8. Heathen Frontiers in Sound by Christophe F / Black Sheep
    Former Universal Panzie Christophe F takes centre stage on this Julian Cope related Black Sheep set which includes two of the best tracks Gringo Blues and Talkin' Revolution Blues that I've heard all year. Indeed it's choc full of modern folk songs with the sort of weird noises and thunder effects that you would expect on a Cope album these days. Imagine the Violent Femmes if Gordon Gano had a Geordie accent and a Hawkwind fixation.

  9. DOS by Wooden Shjips
    I love the way The Wooden Shjips take a small idea and drag it out for ages. I do, however, think their bassist could raise his game a little. Mind you there was a time when I thought that The Cure's A Forest would benefit from the odd drum roll so what do I know?

  10. Unconfirmed Reports by Akatombo
    Akatombo is a Japan-based Scot, who released the rather good Trace Elements album on Colin Newman's Swim label some years ago. This is a dark and dense set at times, with a wonderful rather funky soundtrack number (SSRI) in the middle.
Compilations, Re-issues, etc.:
  1. Where the Action Is (L.A. Nuggets 1965-68) by Various Artists
  2. Abbey Road by The Beatles
  3. Autobahn by Kraftwerk
  4. Monsterism Island by Various Artists
  5. Floored Genius by Julian Cope
  6. Live and Intermittent by Magazine

The Wild Swans
The Only Ones


A Serious Man

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