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Some 10th Anniversary Thoughts


After spending a hard day editing the articles our various writers have compiled in honor of EvilSponge's 10th Anniversary, it's somewhat daunting to come up with things that haven't yet been said. Furthermore, unlike most everyone else affiliated with the Sponge, I basically think in bullet point, so trying to write in a coherent/cogent manner when I've spent the last 6 hours correcting all variations and mis-uses of its and it's throughout some 50 plus pages of writing is simply beyond me. With all that in mind, here's a list of fleeting memories of the last ten years in Sponge-land, some of which have never been mentioned before.

A few other Minions join in where appropriate.


Snarkiest comments never before seen in print

I'm the main EvilSponge content editor, in that I read and edit pretty much everything before PostLibyan formats and posts it. To this end, I usually only deal with clarity and grammar; however occasionally, I may take out a line or paragraph that just seems…well.. mean.

The most memorable of these edits was the live review for a local Atlanta band which blunted stated, "Incarcerate these people before they play again. Take their instruments away. But, through whatever means necessary, make sure they never get near a stage again."

The second most memorable (again about a different Atlanta band) merely declared, "I hate you. I hate your band. Go back into the kitchen and continue your fruitful career as a line cook."

Needless to say, neither of those comments made into the final reviews.


And the band name is what?

Longtime readers of the Sponge should be aware that I have a nasty habit of mixing of twisting band names so that they make sense to me. Below are three that I can never get right:

  • Today the Sun, Tomorrow the Moon. O.K., it's really "Today the Sun, Tomorrow the Moon" (I think) (Brendan's Note: HA! She did it right there. Flip MOON and SUN for the actual band name! And I did not edit this to embarrass here, she really sent this in this way.) but this is one I can never get right.
  • My Favorite Novel. Don't ask me why, but about 50% of the time, this is what I end up calling Scottish band My Latest Novel.
  • Ladybird Transistor. Unfortunately, I've been calling Ladybug Transistor this for so long that I have to go look the real name up online.

Mr. Pharmacist:
  And of course when recounting stories about "And the band name is what?", I must admit that my brother has a band called Vaginal Maggots. I'm not kidding............  

People say the darndest things at shows

When you spend much of your life at concerts, you inevitably overhear funny things. But, for me at least, the funniest memories are the things said by the musicians and sound guys.

  • Many many moons ago, at the late lamented Echo Lounge, PostLibyan and I ended up seeing a band called Dropsonic. For one reason or another, someone started heckling them. After a few minutes, the lead vocalist finally had enough and mocked, "Look at me! I'm a drunk person in the crowd. Why don't you get up here and show us all your marketable skill?"
  • Once at the Star Bar, I was standing in the back, talking with the sound guy, Joel Burkhart. As the band in question was trying to sound check, they kept asking to turn up various instruments and vocals. This continued for sometime as they kept asking to be turned up so that things would sound right. Finally, Joel just sighed, picked up the mic at the sound booth and stated, "Listen….I can make it louder, but I can't make it better."
  • One time, we went to a Corndogorama early on a Saturday. As we walked in, people were standing around sipping their beers, looking vaguely sleep-deprived as the first band took the stage. Somewhat surprisingly, this band featured a rather loud and prominent horn section, which startled everyone in the small crowd. After 20 minutes of the loud horns, the band left the stage, prompting the MC to declare, "That's it. We have a new rule: no horns before 3 pm!"


I was at a Mogwai show at the Variety Playhouse, during the Happy Music tour. Upon entering the bathroom, I encountered a fan urinating in the sink. Fan # 2 commented by pointing out, "Hey man! This ain't Ozzfest!"

The urinating fan boisterously replied, "It is now!"

I did not wash my hands.



This predates the Sponge by a few years, but i have to share. In 1997 i went to The Variety Playhouse to see Total Annihilation, the last ever Swans concert. The opening act was a new band that no one had heard of, called Low. Now we know that Low are an excellet slowcore band who play deliberate, methodical music. But in 1997, no one really knew what to make of them.

In the middle of Low's performance, a person sitting behind me in the crowd suddenly remarked to his friend, "Where have i heard this song before?"

"Here. Five minutes ago," his friend dead-panned back to him.

I don't think they enjoyed Low all that much.


Best Covers (live versions only)

I'm a sucker for a good cover song during a concert. I think I've stated it on the Sponge before that I think all bands ought to have at least one cover in their set, if only because the mere choice tells you so much about a band's influences and tastes. With that in mind, here are a few covers that have stuck with me:

  • Purple Rain (yes, the entire album) as performed by League of Evil
  • Panic (The Smiths) as performed together by The Winter Sounds and Jukebox the Ghost
  • Rain (The Beatles) as performed by American Dream
  • Tainted Love (Soft Cell) as performed by Sharks and Minnows
  • Sister Ray (Velvet Underground) as performed by Black Lipstick
Mr. Pharmacist:
  A favorite music moment was sitting next to Wire man Graham Lewis at their last Atlanta gig. He was nice. I wouldn't have guessed that..........  
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