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Statistics on our First Decade


Have you ever wondered just how many people read EvilSponge? What do people on this site read? How many people come back and read us over multiple postings?

All this information, and more gentle readers, is available for you here.


The top 10 most popular reviews of all time on EvilSponge are:

  1. Album: Young American Primitive by Young American Primitive. PostLibyan reviews a trance record that was over a decade old when he wrote about it. There is still not a lot of information about this artist on the Internet, and this review gets mentioned on the YAP Wiki entry.

  2. Album: Azure Ray by Azure Ray. Known here as "the music for cats to sleep to"-review. We think that this review is so popular because it presents music in a different way than most other reviews. I mean, who else would describe an album as sleep-inducing to a species known to sleep all the time, and mean it as a compliment?

  3. Concert: Wire in Leuven, Belgium on 29.April.2008. This was one of the very first dates of Wire's most recent tour, which was also their first tour with a substitute guitarist. There are a lot of Wire fans among the Minion population, and we mentioned this review on IdealCopy, the Wire fan mailing list. It seems as if every Wire fan on the Internet has read this review, wanting to see what we thought of the new lineup.

  4. Concert: Pere Ubu on Fri.37.Sept.02. This was the St. Arkansas tour. PostLibyan ponders the historical importance of this band, while reveling in the charismatic power of Dave Thomas, and exploring his own geographic connection to the band. We are pleased to see Pere Ubu getting some respect from the readers.

  5. Album: Fixed Content by Labradford. Known to us as "the Droid Torture"-review, for the comparison that PostLibyan makes between some of Labradford's stranger electronic sounds and R2D2. Good to know that others found that funny.

  6. Album: Electric Sex by Bang Bang. The popularity of this review is something of a puzzle to us. We think it might have to do with the word "sex" being a common search internet search term. And no, i am not going to Google "electric sex" to see what perversion people were really looking for.

  7. Concert: Superchunk at SxSW06 on Sat.18.Mar.06. EvilSponge adores Superchunk, and we were really excited to see them play a rare post-millenial show at SxSW. Seems that others wanted to know how that show went. It was awesome!

  8. Concert: Serj Tankian at The Roxy in Atlanta on Sat.20.Oct.07. Our Minion Priestess is a huge Serj Tankian fan. Well not really -- she is tiny and dwarfed by the man, but she is enthusiastic about his music. This show was a few days before the release of his first solo album, and Priestess shared it with the System of a Down fan community. Thanks for reading, metalheads!

  9. Concert: The D Percussion festival in Manchester on Sat.6.Aug.05. Welsh reviewer Indoor Miner goes to see The Durutti Column and many other bands at a UK festival.

  10. Album: Converted Thieves by Black Lipstick. Tracers waxes poetic about a somewhat obscure Austinian band with a Velvet Underground fetish.

Daily Hits: 27,389
Unique Visitors: 1878 (none of this include bots)
Page Views: 9707

An Explanation of the above: On the average day, over 27,000 hits occur on the EvilSponge. These include all the web searches in which we come up. About 2000 people come to EvilSponge from clicking a link (or a bookmark), and the average reader looks at about 5 pages per visit.

Not bad for a bunch of people who aren't making any money off of this!

Top referrers (non Search engine):

Best search phrase of 2010 (thus far):
this love is fucking right is this song about incest?



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