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2005 was a great year for music, and saw us travel to the Great Gathering Of Music Geeks, also known as South by Southwest, for the first time.



What Happened?

     Best Of Lists: Long lost Minion Malimus appears out of nowhere to mention some albums
                        he liked in 2005 that none of the Mnions reviewed (hint, hint).

     Best Of Lists: Fyno discusses the good points in TV viewing during 2005.

     Best Of Lists: It's that time of year again: time for my Minions to sum up the year that has
                        just passed. Read about our Best Of's for 2005.

     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner lists albums, singles, and gigs.
     Best Of Lists: Postlibyan lists recorded music in several formats, as well as live music.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists recorded music and live music.
     Popularity: See what reviews people were reading in November and December of 2005. I must
                    ask: what the heck???

     7": Lost In the Plot b/w Heartless Romantic by The Dears
     7": Brothers Who Are Breathing b/w Sexy Sixth by Frank Lenz
     Album: Absence by Dälek
     Album: The Kick and the Snare by The Deathray Davies
     Album: Strange Synchronicities by Projekt Skyward
     Album: The Dreams Our Stuff Is Made Of by The Purrs
     EP: EP1 by Jon Hopkins
     Concert: SLEEP THERAPY w/ Snowden and Tora Tora Tora on Sat.12.Nov.05
     Soundtrack: Music to the Film Mysterious Skin by Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd

     Album: Buy One Get One by The Bosch
     Album: Paper Tigers by Caesars
     Album: Iowa Anvil by The Graze
     Album: Found on the Forest Floor by Luigi
     EP: Super Kool by Electric Frankenstein
     EP: Rademacher by Rademacher
     EP: The Track Record by The Track Record
     Concert: GANG OF FOUR w/ Morning Wood and Men, Women, and Children on Sat.8.Oct.05
     Concert: RUVOLO w/ Invisible and Home of the Wildcats on Thu.3.Nov.05
     Single: Star Maps by Fake Ray

     7": Split EP by Landing and Fuxa
     7": Black Eyes b/w Good News by Snowden
     Album: Extraordinary Ways by Conjure One
     Album: In The Clear by Ivy
     Album: Static Patterns and Souvenirs by Lorna
     Album: Weekend of Compromise by The Paper Champions
     Album: Knitting Needles and Bicycle Bells by Tenement Halls
     Compilation: Henhouse Studios Anthology 2005
     Compilation: Malpractice
     Concert: THE FALL w/ John Cooper Clarke and Resist on Tues.4.Oct.05
     Concert: CARIBOU w/ Russian Futurists on Tues.11.Oct.05
     Concert: FAUST w/ Ectogram on Thur.27.Oct.05

     Album: The Murder of Love by Dodd Ferrelle and the Tinfoil Stars
     Album: Glimmer Kids by Glimmer Kids
     Album: Outside Closer by Hood
     Album: Take It To the Spotlight by The Marc Moreland Mess
     Compilation: The Speed By Which We Fall from Rollerderby Records
     EP: Vast and Danger by Creve Coeur
     EP: Hit Me Again by Neon
     EP: Unwind by The Rosebuds
     Remastered Album: December by For Against
     Sampler: 2004 Sampler Disc by Gargamel
     Single: Pieces by Mira

     Album: Clouds Forming Crowns by Clouds Forming Crowns
     Album: Profile by Githead
     Album: Waves and Echoes by Portal
     Concert: PERE UBU w/ 24 Hours on Thu.22.Sept.05
     EP: Electric Sex by Bang! Bang!
     EP: The Enemies EP by Headlights

     Concert: PEELANDER-Z w/ Bang! Bang! and The Love Drunks on Sat.10.Sept.05
     Concert: FOUR TET w/ Koushik, Cyne, and DJ Leb-Laze on Fri.16.Sept.05
     Download: After the Rain by Christian Walt
     EP: England Fallen Over by Epic45
     EP: Stranded Under Endless Sky by Hammock
     EP: EP2 by Headlights
     Festival: D Percussion 2005 with Movement, The Young Offenders Institute, Nine Black Alps, Fear of Music, The Durutti Column, Raw T, Stephen Fretwell, and Badly Drawn Boy on Sat.6.Aug.05 (This Review includes photographs, so be patient in letting it load.)
     Split Album: Angels of Light/Akron/Family by Angels of Light/Akron/Family

     Album: Alive on Departure by Instant Camera
     Album: Mi and L'au by Mi and L'au
     Album: With Teeth by Nine Inch Nails
     Album: Distortion is Truth by Robert Poss
     Album: Pink Abyss by Shalabi Effect
     Concert: TOM HEINL on Tue.9.Aug.05
     Concert: THE OCTOPUS PROJECT w/ Sleep Therapy and Cinemechanica on Fri.9.Sept.05
     Tribute: When The Shaking Stops (the music of Jawbox)

     Album: Around 3 A.M. by Andalusia
     Album: Everyone Alive Wants Answers by Colleen
     Album: Strange We Should Meet Here by Idiot Pilot
     Album: We've Been Lost by The Layaways
     Downloadable EP: Idioma by Fax
     EP: Guidance by Avrocar
     Triptych: Conduction. Convection. Radiation. by 1 Mile North, Colophon, and The Wind-up Bird

     Album: First Narrows by Loscil
     Album: High Noon by The Lost Patrol
     Album: Further Destinations by Seconds Before
     Album: Break Down the Walls by Tydyl Wave
     Clarification: Apparently, the difference between remastering and remixing is difficult to understand. Robin Guthrie offers some clarification.
     Correction: Apparently PostLibyan cannot tell a bassist apart from a guitarist! His error in attributing singing duties in The Liscentious Five has been corrected.
     EP: Eyes to Space by Eyes to Space
     EP: Girls on Film by Girls on Film
     Photo: Indoor Miner submitted a photo of Tom Verlaine in action.
     Popularity: See what reviews people were reading in July.

     Festival: Corndogorama 2005 Day 1, featuring Sasparilla the Singing Gorilla, Envie, Emery Reel, Suicide Girls, and Fantaj on Thu.23.Jun.05
     Festival: Corndogorama 2005 Day 2, featuring Hopeforagoldensummer, Black Love, Y.O.U., New Roman Times, Hot Young Priest, Anna Kramer, Luigi, The Oranges Band, The Close, and The Selmanaires on Fri.24.Jun.05
     Festival: Corndogorama 2005 Day 3, featuring Charm School, Ruvulo, Brainbox, No River City, Legend of the Giant Squid, Jetty, The Licentious 5, Tenth to the Moon, Magnapop, Brass Castle, The Sudden Rays, Hupcap City (from Belgium), Day Mars Ray, Deerhunter, The Liverhearts, Jet By Day, and The Orphins on Sat.25.Jun.05
     Festival: Corndogorama 2005 Day 4, featuring Headlights, Home of the Wildcats, Untied States, Teenage Meth Lab, Rizzudo, Airoes, and Maserati on Sun.26.Jun.05

     Album: Let It Lie by The Jupiter Watts
     Album: Sphere by Landing
     Concert: THE DEARS w/ Shout Out Louds and Marjorie Fair on Sat.18.Jun.05
     Concert: TELEVISION on Thu.23.Jun.05
     Download: Zouave's Blue by Xinlisupreme
     DVD: Born to Boogie, a movie about T. Rex
     EP: Your Vagina is Subline by Glenn Mauchline
     EP: Tragedy Holds the Hand of Hope by Monarch
     EP: Camplex by Polestar
     Tribute Compilation: Down in the Mirror: a Second Tribute to JANDEK

     7": Patroness b/w The Cold Fraction by eNTERTAINME.nt
     Album: The View From Above by Color Wall
     Album: Perfect Life by Levinhurst
     Album: Samsara's Grip by Bill Madden
     Compilation: Bands you Love, Have Heard of, and Should Know, a various artists compilation
     Concert: THE ROSEBUDS w/ The Comas and Hopewell on Fri.20.May.05
     Concert: RUVOLO w/ The Jupiter Watts and Children's Suffrage Movement on Sun.29.May.05
     Concert: THE SELMANAIRES w/ The Licentious 5, The Marsh, and The Potomac Accord
                  on Sat.4.Jun.05
     Concert: TODD RUNDGREN w/ Joe Jackson on Thu.9.Jun.05
     EP: For Your Home or Office by Park Avenue Music
     Expansion: My Web empire continues to grow! EvilSponge has branched out and we now have
                    a page set up at MySpace, specifically, HTTP://www.myspace.com/evilsponge
                    (kinda makes sense, don't it?) Why did we do this, well, it seems as if so many
                    of the bands we talk to are on MySpace, that it made sense to add a page of
                    our own. So, if you have a MySpace page and want to add us, feel free.
     Popularity: See what the kids were reading in June!
     Search: There are some really strange people hitting us from Google. Two new "Funny
                 Search Phrases" have been added.

     Album: Sincerely by Black Lipstick
     Album: Crossing Casco Bay by Robert Poss
     Concert: BLACK BASQUE w/ Movement on Fri.6.May.05
     Concert: IAN HUNTER & THE RANT BAND on Thu.26.May.05
     Concert: THE FUTUREHEADS w/ The High Speed Scene and Pitty Sing on Wed.1.Jun.05
     EP: Remember the Words by Dreams of Tall Buildings
     EP: Now by Itai
     EP: Forcing Out the Silence by Junius

     7": Damaged Goods b/w Falter (Floor Mix) by The Funeral
     Album: The Central Bank by The Central Bank
     Album: Par Noussss Touss Les Trous De Vos Cranes! by Et Sans
     Album: This Is Where I Keep It by Hedaya
     Album: Unsweetened by Lord Carrett
     Album: Soul Migration by Eric Loren
     Album: Sold Out Of Love by The New York Rel-X
     EP: Birth by The Funeral
     Popularity: See what reviews people were reading in May.

     Album: One Ten Hundred Thousand Million by The Octopus Project
     Concert: BRITISH SEA POWER w/ Feist and A Fir Ju Well on Tue.10.May.05
     EP: For the Browsing of Pretension by 1000 Fires

     Album: Aurora by Esmerine
     Album: Leaves Leader by Grimble Grumble
     Album: Kenotic by Hammock
     Album: Old Smiler by Mt. Gigantic
     Album: Funky Bohemia by Ellee Ven
     Concert: THE JUPITER WATTS w/ Luigi on Sat.31.Apr.05
     EP: Signal by Boulevard
     EP: Riptide by Laura Veirs

     Album: Escalator by Alva Star
     Album: Same Meat Different Gravy by Hard Skin
     Album: Instant Pleasure by Seth Swirsky
     Album: Is To Disappear by Wanderjahr
     Concert: DÄLEK w/ Deerhunter and The Hellsayers on Thu.17.Feb.05
     Concert: ENTERTAINMENT w/ Junius and Tenth to the Moon on Thu.3.Mar.05
     Concert: THE RAVEONETTES w/ Dogs on Thu.25.Mar.05
     EP: The Castle of Togetherness by The Castle of Togetherness
     EP: The Lost You by Hood

     7":  8.4 % Alcohol by Volume by The Cyderbunny
     Album: Ray of the Wine by Reza
     Album: I'll Be Here Awake by Arthur Yoria
     EP: On the Break by Greg Parker
     Concert: INTERPOL w/ Blonde Redhead on Mon.21.Mar.05
     Music Festival:  This year i sent two of my Minions to Austin, TX for the annual South by SouthWest Music Festival.  You can read about their adventures on a day by day basis: 
        Day 0:  Jon Nolan, Hitchhike, and Mark Spottiswoode and His Enemies

        Day 1:  Hitchhike, Palaxy Tracks, The Octopus Project, and Asobi Seksu.
Day 2:  Adem, Ulrich Schnauss, Maplewood, The Deathray Davies, Harris Newman, and Paik.
        Day 3:  Titan Go-Kings, The Longcut, Zzzz, Decibully, Saturday Looks Good to Me, and
The Capitol Years.
y 4:  Palaxy Tracks, +/-, The Frames, Timonium, The M's, Parts and Labor, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Norfolk and Western, and Knife in the Water.
     New Minion : The above Interpol live review constitutes the first submission from my latest Atlanta-based Minion, the K-Tron.  Welcome aboard.

     7": We Can Have It b/w Summer of Protest by The Dears
     7": Frankenstein is Tired b/w Monsters Are In My Closet by The Dishwashers
     Album: Akron/Family by Akron/Family
     Album: Other People by Angels of Light
     Album: This is What I Remember by The Youth Class
     EP:  Eternifinity by The Mattoid

     10": The Black Meat parts 1 & 2 by Bark Psychosis
     Album: The Sun Show by Nillah
     Album: You Know That Summers Comin' by Taylor and the Puffs
     Concert: THE LIVERHEARTS w/ Iron Hero and Sharks and Minnows on Thu.27.Jan.05
     Concert: THE SHUT UPS w/ Paper Champions and The Sundogs on Fri.4.Feb.05
     Concert: ASOBI SEKSU w/ SNMNMNM on Mon.14.Feb.05

     Concert: PALOOKAVILLE w/ The Rock City Dropouts, King Flude, The Mattoid, and The
on Fri.21.Jan.05
     Concert: RUVOLO w/ Pocket Novel Mystery and The Sudden Rays on Wed.9.Feb.05
     EP: Den of Thieves by Salome's Wish
     Re-release: Echelons by For Against

     Album: This Time, Each Year by Lorna
     Compilation: Estrunax Records Sampler
     Concert: INFLIKT w/ Hyperthermia and Syx on Fri.17.Dec.04
     Concert: THE ORPHINS w/ The Humans and Crane Orchard on Sat.15.Jan.05
     Concert: GANG OF FOUR w/ The Departure on Sun.23.Jan.05
     Feature: Read what the Popular Pages are for January.

     12": A Guitar and a Heart b/w Safe by M83
     EP: Dizzy by Airiel
     EP: Night Light by Hitchhike
     EP: Ghosts That Hide Inside the Walls by North Star Infinite
     Album: Halfway to You by Coastal
     Album: Nauru by Coppe
     Album: Behold My Mighty Star by Dressed In Wires
     Album: Tammany Hall Machine by Tammany Hall Machine
     Concert: Chicks Kick Ash 5 featuring 2 Minute Hate, Stabitha, Softcore, and
on Fri.19.Nov.04
     Concert: ROSE MOYER w/ The Fellow Betrayed and Subconscious on Thu.2.Dec.04
     Concert: How big are your balls? featuring Zero State, 7thSunn, Swil, and
 on Sat.4.Dec.04
     Single: Octane Lovers by Boulevard

     7": Chainsmoking b/w F.Y.D. by Dykehouse
     Album: Asobi Seksu by Asobu Seksu
     Album: Spirituality by The Desert Fathers
     Album: Cut the Cord by Knife in the Water
     Album: Russian Doll by Violet Indiana
     Best Of Lists: Fyno lists news items.
     Best Of Lists: Once A Punk lists some live shows.

     Album: Cast From the Platform by Auburn Lull
     Album: The Whistler by Fairburn Royals
     Album: The English Cold by July Skies
     Album: Ready? Ready! by La La Land
     Album: Incorporeal Automata by Otaku
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner lists singles, albums, re-issues, concerts, and films.
     Best Of Lists: Postlibyan lists recorded music in several formats, live music, and other issues.
     Best Of Lists: Sparklehonkey lists concerts, films, and albums.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists recorded music and live music.
     Concert: SWIL on Fri.10.September.04
     Concert: HYDROZEEN w/ Devour and Face Pilot on Sat.6.November.04
     Concert: THE FUTUREHEADS w/ Deerhunter and Asobi Seksu on Mon.4.November.04
     EP: No Particular Bar, No Particular Town by The Purrs
     New Minion: Madd joins our ranks, all the way from the Pacific Northwest. His first two reviews are the live SWIL and HYDROZEEN w/ Devour and Face Pilot shows above. Make him feel at home.
     Updates: New Popular Pages are in for December.


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