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2004 saw EvilSponge's expansion in the UK. We're international now baby!



What Happened?

     Best Of Lists: Fyno lists news items.
     Best Of Lists: Once A Punk lists some live shows.

     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner lists singles, albums, re-issues, concerts, and films.
     Best Of Lists: Postlibyan lists recorded music in several formats, live music, and other issues.
     Best Of Lists: Sparklehonkey lists concerts, films, and albums.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists recorded music and live music.
     Updates: New Popular Pages are in for December.

     Album: Astronomy for Children by n.ln
     Concert: DAVE THOMAS AND TWO PALE BOYS w/ Hank Booker on Sun.31.October.04
     Concert: DROPSONIC w/ Traindodge and Ruvulo on Fri.10.December.04
     Updates: New Popular Pages are in for November.

     Album: Rochester Fosgate by Rochester Fosgate
     Concert: MORRISSEY on Fri.22.October.04
     Concert: THE LOVE DRUNKS w/ The Cogburns, Nekkid, and Virgin Iron on Thu.28.October.04
     EP: Burning Hot and Free by Hot Young Priest

     Album: Coaster by Quantazelle
     Concert: DO MAKE SAY THINK w/ Blame Game on Tues.5.October.04
     EP: Bob by The Cogburns
     EP: Snowden by Snowden
     EP: Ailanthus Altissima by 302 Acid
     Updates: New Popular Pages are in for October. I think this list can be summed up with the phrase "Mogwai outta nowhere!"

     Album: Nino Rojo by Devendra Banhart
     Album: Forget Yourself by The Church
     Album: No Galore by Faith Kleppinger
     Album: Every Night by Saturday Looks Good to Me
     Concert: BETHANY CURVE w/ Red Lily and Lisa Dewey and the Lotus Life on Fri.23.September.04
     Concert: EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY w/ Zykos and The Silent Kids on Sat.2.October.04
     EP: Violet by The Birthday Massacre
     EP: Sharks & Anglers by Motumbos Hospital
     Single: Irish Blood, English Heart by Morrissey
     Split EP: Split EP by Casino vs. Japan and Freescha
     Updates: New Popular Pages are in for September. Apparently people are reading up for the new TV season.... Also, there are three new "funny search phrases" for your personal merriment.

     Concert: JULIAN COPE on Sun.26.September.04
     Concert: I CAN LICK ANY S.O.B. IN THE HOUSE w/ The Cogburns on Mon.11.October.04
     EP: On the Offensive by Poster Children
     Single: Beyond the Furr by Violet Indiana
     Split Album: A Thousand Shades of Grey by Escapade and Acid Mothers Temple

     Album: 0100010001011001010011100100000101001000 by Dynah
     Album: You Are the Quarry by Morrissey
     Album: Drowning Cupid by The Orphins

     Album: Rule # 3 by Escapade
     Album: Trying to Never Catch Up by What Made Milwaukee Famous
     Compilation: Say Nothing to No One: a Soundless Records Compilation
     Concert: PROSPECTO w/ eNTERTANME.nt and Girls on Film on Fri.20.August.04
     Concert: THE LIVERHEARTS w/ The Close, The Orphins, and Eyes to Space on Sat.28.August.04
     Festival: The Drive Invasion 2004, which was held on Labor Day Weekend. (Please note that this is a long review, with photographs, so be patient in letting it load.)
     New Minion: Rashomon joins our ranks with the Drive Invasion review. Welcome aboard.

     Concert: LANTERNA w/ Envie on Sat.31.July.04
     Concert: LEVINHURST w/ Envie and Silence Siren on Fri.6.August.04
     Concert: BURNING BRIDES w/ The Explosion and The Rolling Blackouts on Tues.31.August.04
     Downloadable album: Tilly and the Wall by Tilly and the Wall
     Split 7": featuring The High Strung and The Capitol Years
     Split 7": featuring Hood and Themselves

     7": Liquor by Saturday Looks Good To Me
     Album: The Dirty South by The Drive-By Truckers
     Album: I Com by Miss Kittin
     Album: United State of Electronica by U.S.E.
     Album: Gifts From Strangers by The White Lights

     7": Safe, at One b/w The Queen's Beasts (or suffer fools) by eNTERTAINME.nt
     Album: Lethe by Extropy
     Album: Set List by The Frames
     Album: Vamonos by Luigi
     Album: Lost Patterns by Pleasurecraft
     Album: Low Pressure by Spaceheads
     Concert: LUIGI w/ Twittering Machine and Black love on Fri.30.July.04

     Album: Love Lights the Way by Blessed Light
     Album: All Things to You by The Cucumbers
     Concert: TEEN WHEAT w/ The Nein on Thu.22.July.04
     Concert: THE ORPHINS w/ Sybris and The Liverhearts on Fri.15.July.04
     Concert: JASON ISBELL w/ Mic Harrison and Believe in Toledo on Thu.14.July.04
     Conference: ATLANTIS MUSIC CONFERENCE on Sat.24.Jul.04 -- showcases at both The Masquerade and The Star Bar were reviewed.

     12": Speicher 14 featuring The Orb and M. Mayer
     Album: From the Filthy Tounges of Gods and Griots by Dälek
     Album: Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn by Do Make Say Think
     Album: Faking the Books by Lali Puna
     Album: Swimming Across the Sound by Superfallingstars
     Album: If Just Today Were To Be My Entire Life by Tex La Homa
     Concert: THE ROSEBUDS w/ The High Strung on Sat.10.July.04
     Concert: MYSSOURI w/ Salome's Wish, Phoenix Nebulin, and Bell Jar on Fri.9.July.04

     Album: Appetizer Sickness by Blake Rainey
     Festival: Corndog-o-rama 10 on Fri.25.June and Sat.26.June (this is a somewhat large file, with some images, so please be patient in letting it load)
     Updates: The latest list of Popular Pages is posted for the month of June.

     Compilation: Flow by various Make Mine Music artists
     Album: Geographic Tounge by Black Love
     Album: Diary Of A ... by Bling Bling
     Album: Hello by The Mattoid
     Album: What The ... ? by What The
     EP: Follow Through on Your Backhand by The High Strung

     Compilation: Bastards & Rarities: 1989 - 1994 by Swell
     Compilation: Casino by Violet Indiana
     Concert: SATURDAY LOOKS GOOD TO ME w/ Nomo and Hot Young Priest on Thu.27.May.04
     EP: Finish Raw Edges First by Crane Orchard
     EP: 3 Pieces for Violin by Warren Ellis
     EP: VCR by VCR
     Updates: New Popular Pages are in for May. Again, it is a strange list. What is up
with the Labradford?

     Album: Under the Waterline by Hinterland
     Album: Dieu Deuil by Tanakh
     Album: Baby Monkey by Voodoo Child
     Announcement: The Hinterland and Voodoo Child reviews are the first by another new writer, bill E. joel. Welcome aboard sir -- just watch where you are driving!

     Album: Echobase Soundsystem by Echobase Soundsystem
     Album: 58:34 by Ova Looven
     Compilation: Hitori and Kaiso 1998-2001 by Casino vs. Japan
     EP: Pull and Repel by Ashen
     EP: Havin' Fun Soundin' Good by Hieronymus Bosch
     EP: EP by Saturday Looks Good to Me
     Updates: New Popular Pages are in for April, and boy is it a strange list. None of the usual suspects are on it either. Also, there are three new "funny search phrases" for your personal merriment.

     Album: Mantra of Love by Acid Mothers Temple
     Album: Light Returns by Old Ghost
     Album: It Hurts to be Seen by The Shut-ups
     Album: Remain in Ether by Slow Jets

     Album: I Bought a Heart Made of Art in the Deep, Deep South by Hope for Agoldensummer
     Album: Telegram by Telegram
     Film: Connie and Carla

     Album: Hot Streets by Ceiling Fan
     Features: We have compiled our Most Popular Pages viewed for March. The first two entries are unsurprising, but the third has us thrown for a loop. Do Labradford have a new album out or something?
     Film: The Whole 10 Yards

     Album: Carol Blaze by Carol Blaze
     Album: Submers by Loscil
     Album: In One-Hundred Years the Prize Will Be Forgotten by The Potomac Accord
     Film: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
     Film: The Ladykillers
     Film: Lost In Translation
     Film: Miranda
     Film: Party Monster
     Film: The Singing Detective

     Album: Maps of the Saints by Kid Icarus
     Album: Promo E.P. by Longcut
     Announcement: The Longcut review is the first by another new writer, Indoor Miner. He makes a point in the review of mentioning that Longcut are a new band from Manchester. He's talking about England here, folks, not New Hampshire! And yes, Indoor Miner lives over there, somewhere.
     Album: The Translation by Loretta

     Album: Flaxen by Bethany Curve
     Album: Rounds by Four Tet
     Album: The Cost of Living by Sharks & Minnows
     Compilation: Pop Ambient 2004 on Kompakt Records

     Album: Rejoicing in the Hands by Devendra Banhart
     Album: Telegraphs in Negative / Mouths Trapped in Static by Set Fire to Flames
     Album: Send by Wire
     Announcement: The above three reviews come from my latest batch of Minions. The first review is by Mr Pharmacist in rural Georgia. The other two are by Lawton and Once A. Punk respectively, both of whom are located in the UK. Yes, it's true: my Empire is now international. Mwa-ha-ha-ha!
     Awards: Fyno and Squid sum up the Oscars for 2004

     Concert: THE HIGH STRUNG w/ The Everyothers and Hot Young Priest on Wed.18.Feb.04
     EP: Black From the Dead by Black From the Dead
     Television: Junkin' with Dave and Val

     Album: The Stars at Saint Andrea by Devics
     Album: Building a Working Model by Mantissa
     Download: Deus Irae by Mystified (based on the novel by Philip K. Dick and Roger Zelazny)
     Download: The Nine Billion Names of God by Oeuf Korreckt (based on a story by Arthur C. Clarke)
     Download: Dhalgren by Dick Richards (based on the novel by Samuel R. Delany)
     Download: Foundation by Julie Rousse (based on the series by Isaac Asmiov)

     12": Dead Dogs Two by cLOUDEAD
     Album: More Than Happy by The Layaways
     Concert: SWELL w/ Boulevard on Sat.7.Feb.04
     Most Popular: See which pages other Spongeheads were reading in January of 2004.
     Television: Battlestar Galactica 2003

     Album: Information Changer by Eltro
     Awards: Well, Oscar season is upon us, and here at EvilSponge we want to meet your needs by offering Fyno's list of predictions for what will happen on Oscar night. Tune in after the ceremony to see how right she was!
     EP: Granz Graf by Autechre
     EP: Headlong by The Frames

     Album: The Decline of British Sea Power by British Sea Power
     Album: Horchata/Ocosi by Horchata and Ocosi
     Compilation: Stains On a Decade by Felt
     EP: Smash the Superstition by Apocalypse Pow
     EP: The Murdocks by The Murdocks

     Album: Red Devil Dawn by Crooked Fingers
     Album: Naturaliste by The Lucksmiths
     Album: Electric Version by The New Pornographers
     Best Of Lists: Sparklehonky has submitted a list of Top 10 Internet Sites.
     Debut: The above "Best of" list is the writing debut of long-time Minion Associate Sparklehonkey. Make her feel at home folks.
     EP: EP # 1 by BlackLove
     Most Popular Pages: It's a strange Top 3 list for December. I can account for the popularity of the Pere Ubu review as being due to the recent Rocket From the Tombs tour, but why are people reading about the final album by an obscure, drum burning, Texas band? And then of course, comes the review that most people on the Internet know us for... Anyway, a strange list.

     Best Of Lists: Fyno has submitted a list of Top 10 News Stories of 2003.

     Album: Dance of the Idiots by Koby Israelite
     Archive: "What's New 2003" has been archived. If you insist on living in the past, you can still read it.
Well, it's that time of year again. "Best Of" lists are ready!
     Best Of Lists: MediaHostage lists recorded music and Reasons Really Late Running Shows Suck.
     Best Of Lists: Postlibyan lists recorded music in several formats, as well as live music.
     Best Of Lists: The Priestess lists Top 10 Restaurants.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists recorded music and live music.
Also, well, we are trying out some new things. here are 2 restaurant reviews for your reading and salivating pleasure.
     Restaurant: The Mediterranean Grill
     Restaurant: Ria's Bluebird


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