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2006 was a relative bummer of a year, but one that featured a lot of great music. The year also featured new additions to the staff, as well as a special guest writer at the very end.



What Happened?

Well, it is that time of year at which we music-types reflect back upon what we heard during the previous year. Here are the first batch of "Lists". Please note that this year we have a very special guest writer, Mr Colin Newman (of Wire and Githead) has shared his impressions of 2006 with us.
     Best Of Lists: Colin Newman gives musical thoughts, MySpace advice, and downloads.
     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner lists albums, re-issues, singles, one gig and one DVD.
     Best Of Lists: Malimus recites the names of 20 records that he liked in 2006.
     Best Of Lists: Postlibyan lists albums, EPs, compilations, and shows.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists 11 musical pleasures.

     Album: In Distance by Bitcrush
     Album: Turn by Buckfast
     Album: Race to the Blackout by Clouds Forming Crowns
     Album: Conversations With Id by Jash
     Concert: ASOBI SEKSU w/ Club Awesome and The Blue Hour on Thu.19.Oct.06
     Concert: +/- w/ Irving and The Tyde on Tue.7.Nov.06
     EP: Cities_EP by Millimetrik

     Album: The Dead 60s by The Dead 60s
     Album: Esoteric Escape by Keser
     Album: The Metal West by Kid Icarus
     Concert: GRINGO STARR w/ Envie and The Sweetloves on Sat.7.Oct.06

     Album: The Line Between Myth and Reality Has Always Been in Finland by Antennas to Heaven
     Album: Save Yourself and Run Away by Ferocious Bubbles
     Album: Brocade by Landing
     Compilation: ¡Eléctrico! - The Best of Aviador Dro 1978-2006 by El Aviador Dro
     EP: De La Mancha by De La Mancha

     Album: Envie by Envie
     Compilation: The Beautiful Season Has Past by Yellow6
     Concert: CLUB AWESOME w/ League of Evil on Sat.16.Sept.06
     Concert: ART BRUT w/ We Are Scientists and The Spinto Band on Tue.19.Sept.06
     Rerelease: Opalescent by Jon Hopkins

This year EvilSponge was specifically invited (Press Pass and everything!) to The Other Sound Festival. This festival was held at three venues thorughout Atlanta in early September. The Minions saw 16 bands over three nights. Please allow each page a little while to load, as of course they took pictures as well...
    Thu.7.Sept (Day 1): Parade, Venice Is Sinking, Hot Young Priest, No River City, Spectralux
    Fri.8.Sept (Day 2): Five Foot Flame, Engineering, The Preakness, Faith Kleppinger, Gentleman Caller, Ultrababyfat
    Sat.9.Sept (Day 3): Elevado, Dave Doobinin, Ferocious Bubbles, The Blue Hour, and Slushco
Added bonus material:
    Photo gallery: nice guitars at 2006 Other Sound
    Photo gallery: Pedal fetishism at 2006 Other Sound
    Photo gallery: The new Lenny's Bar
There are also a few regular reviews, for your reading pleasure.
     Album: Crash by Ether Aura
     Album: If that is what is being thought, liberated sound talks the depth of [musical]
by Té
     EP: One Brain by The Zom Zoms
     Tribute Compilation: A Houseguest's Wish

     Album: To the Races by Eric Bachmann
     Album: Sea by Last Days
     Album: Love & Sex & Rock & Roll by Rockdownbaby
     Album: The Bells of 1 2 by Sol Seppy
     Concert: THE SELMANAIRES w/ Thee Crucials and The Liverhearts on Fri.21.Jul.06
     Concert: SOUND OF 73 w/ My Education and Ours to Alibi on Thu.3.Aug.06
     Concert: DEAD 60s w/ Camera on Tue.15.Aug.06

     Album: Lonesome Sky by The Lost Patrol
     Album: The Monster Within by Recent Photo
     Album: On High by Soundpool
     Concert: SLEEP THERAPY w/ Tora Tora Tora, The Graboids, Locks, and
                  The Subliminator
on Sat.15.Jul.06

     7": split 7" by Stafrænn Hákon and Emery Reel
     7": Sister Sneaker Sister Soul by My Latest Novel
     7": The Chase b/w The Wreck by Shock Cinema
     Album: Transistor by Analog Missionary
     Album: Is It Safe? by Dina D'Alessandro
     Album: Touch the Spirit by Rob Levit
     Album: Flares by Port-Royal
     Album: Serena-Maneesh by Serena-Maneesh
     EP: Obsessed America by The Dirty Royals

Festival reviews are such hard work! Here is our rather lengthy reivew of Corndog-o-rama 2006. Please note that there are photos embedded ineach page, so they might take longer than usual to load.
    Fri.23.Jun (Day 1): Elevado, Casavettes, The Blue Hour, The Orphins, Psychic Hearts, Luigi,
         The Close, I Am The World Trade Center, Snowden, Shock Cinema, The Artist Formerly
         Known as The League of Evil
    Sat.24.Jun (Day 2):
Jetty, Moresight, Brainbox, Ghost Tour, The Silent Kids, The Preakness,
          Hot Young Priest, Hubcap City (From Belgium), Casionova

    Sun.25.Jun (Day 3): The Jupiter Watts, Lust, The Protectors Of, Hell Mach 4, Untied States,
          The Liverhearts

Added bonus material:
    Photo gallery: nice guitars of The Atlanta Music Scene
    Photo gallery: Pedal fetishism

     Album: Dialectic by Cinemasophia
     Album: Pronto by Jason Dove
     Album: Insomnia by Miggs
     Album: Grab That Gun by The Organ
     Album: Pull the Rabbit Ears by PINE*AM
     Album: Jalopy Pop by Sparkwood
     Concert: SONIC YOUTH w/ Be Your Own Pet on Mon.19.Jun.06
     Concert: THE FUTUREHEADS w/ French Kicks on Mon.26.Jun.06
     Patience: Three weeks ago I sent my Minions to Corndog-o-rama in East Atlanta. Over the
                   course of three days they saw a couple dozen bands, about which they wrote
                   10 pages of text. They also took 300 photographs. I am in the process of editing
                   this for the web. Expect to see our review here in a few days. Patience, eager readers!

     HACKED! At 7:33 PM Eastern time on Saturday.1.July.2006 the integrity of this
    well-respected Website was compromised. I can only apologize for this, and say that we
    here at EvilSponge.org are working with our good friends at our hosting company to
    find those responsible.
      Actually, "responsible" isn't the right word. How about "guilty"... This was not the
    action of a responsible citizen: taking a humble cultural critique site and replacing it with
    a pointless act of internet graffiti! What they did was re-direct to this simple page,
    somewhere in Brazil...

      Honestly, I have no idea what this person was trying to accomplish. What good came
    of your actions, Mr. Dominic Ferror? You have simply annoyed several people who otherwise
    just want to be left alone to spew their opinions on music. I hope you are satisfied.
      I, personally, feel violated. My home here on the web, my own personal internet castle,
    has been raided by someone who obviously thinks they are smart, witty, and doing
    something original. This was childish, simply childish, and overdone. This sort of immature
    behavior has been going on for decades now, and it accomplishes nothing except to
    reinforce the cultural stereotype that hardcore computer users (in the vernacular, "nerds")
    are ill-mannered and rude. Thanks for making all of us look like jerks, you jerk!
      I would like to extend my deepest thanks to Minion Brett Spaceman, who noticed this bit
    of vandalism some 4 days after it first occurred. I owe you one Mr. Spaceman. I promise that
    we will get you a decent promo record, and soon!

     Album: Take It With a Grain of Salt by An Angle
     Album: Scratch the Surface by The Cringe
     Album: Dancing On the Dragon by Leah-Carla Gordone
     Album: Moxie Bravo by The High Strung
     Album: The Greater Wrong of the Right by SKinny Puppy
     Album: Who You Fighting For? by UB40
     EP: What I Came Here For by Mary-Jane
     EP: Noisy Songs For Noisy Kids by Thunderlords
     Reissue: Goo (deluxe edition) by Sonic Youth

     Album: Outlaw For Your Love by Annie And Her Guns
     Album: Uncovered By Heartbeat by The Cherubs
     Album: All Is Violent All Is Bright by God Is An Astronaut
     Album: Tijuana Hercules by Tijuana Hercules
     EP: In the Remote Woods by Foreign Born
     EP: A Moment Of Stillness by God Is an Astronaut
     EP: 3 Song EP by The Year Zero

     Album: Decked Out by Bang! Bang!
     Album: Makin' History by Jennifer Getz
     Album: Choose a Bright Morning by Jeniferever
     Album: Limbic System by The Onlys
     Collection: RGB by SIANspheric
     Concert: MORRISSEY w/ Sons and Daughters on Thu.20.Apr.06
     EP: Luke Temple by Luke Temple
     EP: Coin Toss by Through the Sparks

     Album: Amusement Parks on Fire by Amusement Parks on Fire
     Album: In the Event of Tomorrow by The Post
     Album: She Wants Revenge by She Wants Revenge
     Album: Japanese Bathhouse by Rebecca Zapen
     Concert: THE BOSS MARTIANS w/ The Roy Owens Jr. and Bruce Joyner & the Reconstruction
                  on Mon.20.Mar.06
     Concert: THE JUPITER WATTS w/ Club Awesome and The Blue Hour on Fri.31.Mar.06
     Concert: DINOSAUR JR. w/ Dead Meadow and Priestess on Sat.8.Apr.06
     EP: To by The Death Set

Whew -- that was exhausting on a poor Sponge like myself. But here it is: the epic review of South by SouthWest 2006:
    15.Mar (Day 1) Dayshow
    15.Mar (Day 1) Night showcases
    16.Mar (Day 2)
    17.Mar (Day 3) Dayshow
    17.Mar (Day 3) Night showcases
    18.Mar (Day 4) Dayshow
    19.Mar (Day 4) Night showcases
Added bonus material:
    Photo gallery: Signs around Austin
    Photo gallery: hollow-bodied guitars at SXSW06
    Photo gallery: Pedal fetishism

     Album: Louise by Bouldercrest Singing Group
     Album: The Fortune Theatre by Fake Ray
     Album: Film School by Film School
     New Minion: The Film School review above is the debut of my newest Minion, Brett Spaceman.
                      He's located in Belgium. Yes, I now have Minions in 3 countries! Feel the
                      international love here at the 'Sponge.
     Patience: I sent Minions to SXSW this year, so why haven't we posted a review yet? I'll
                  tell you why -- those completists sent me 13 single-spaced pages worth of review,
                  plus 289 digital photographs to sort through! That's a heck of a lot of stuff, so it
                  is taking me a bit longer to process than I would have liked. If all goes according to
                  plan, there should be a massive SXSW posting this weekend. Tune in then kids...

     Album: Here Come The Selmanaires by The Selmanaires
     Album: Run To Be Born by Walking Concert
     Concert: JULIAN COPE on Fri.25.Feb.06
     Concert: THE WEDDING PRESENT w/ Sally Crewe and the Sudden Moves and Tentonic
                  on Fri.3.Mar.06
     EP: Everyone Out ... Shark In the Water by FM Bats
     EP: Flowby by Hush Collector

     Album: Open Season by British Sea Power
     Album: Lose Your Favorite Things by North Elementary
     EP: Singer by The Besties

     Album: Plastic Bag Ambitions by The Hatepinks
     Album: Complete Buffoonery by Miller
     Download: Pizza For Eggs by Underworld
     EP: A Writer's Reference by Halifax
     Concert: THE SUICIDE MACHINES w/ Stretch Armstrong and Whole Wheat Bread on Tues.15.Nov.05
     Concert: THE ORPHINS w/ Parade and Annie and Her Guns on Fri.20.Jan.06
     Single: Waves by Marjorie Fair

     Album: Maui by Kava Kava
     Album: Metronome by Nutria
     EP: Eau Claire by Eau Claire
     Compilation: SubVariaTrax by various electronic artists on the SubVariant label
     Concert: FRENCH TOAST w/ Murder Beach on Mon.9.Jan.06

     Best Of Lists: Long lost Minion Malimus appears out of nowhere to mention some albums
                        he liked in 2005 that none of the Mnions reviewed (hint, hint).

     Best Of Lists: Fyno discusses the good points in TV viewing during 2005.

     Album: Mercury by DAC Crowell and Kurt Doles
     Album: I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business by I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business
     Best Of Lists: It's that time of year again: time for my Minions to sum up the year that has
                        just passed. Read about our Best Ofs for 2005.

     Best Of Lists: Indoor Miner lists albums, singles, and gigs.
     Best Of Lists: Postlibyan lists recorded music in several formats, as well as live music.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists recorded music and live music.
     Popularity: See what reviews people were reading in November and December of 2005. I must
                    ask: what the heck???


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