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2016 was a dark year with a litany of musical icon deaths. Heck, this was the year that both David Bowie and Prince stopped making music. Their passing, as well as so many others, makes the world a little dimmer.

That said, there still are plenty of people out there making great music, and 2016 was a good year for listening.




What Happened?

It's that time of year again. Last Minion Remaining PostLibyan has a traditional "End of the Year Best Ofs" set of lists for your reading pleasure. He discusses records, concerts, and movies.

     10": Anderson by Victory Hands 
     Album: Counterfeit Jeans by Counterfeit Jeans 
     Album: Complekt by Landing
     Album: Heads Up by Warpaint
     Album: Confirmation Bias by Yeesh

     Album: Zeitenwende by Earlyguard 
     Album: Episodic by Field Mouse 
     Album: Surface Noise by Jennifer O'Connor
     Album: Post Plague by Odonis Odonis
     Album: The Leave of Leaves by Thorn1
     EP: Faye by Faye 
     EP: June by Film School 
     EP: The Observer by Sleep Therapy 
     EP: Else by Solids 
     EP: 123456 by The Tigerlillies

     Album: Psychopomp by Japanese Breakfast 
     Album: House in the Tall Grass by Kikagaku Moyo
     Album: Tween by Wye Oak
     EP: Drool Sucker by No Joy 
     EP: Going Out by Strange Relations 
     Mix: Chrome Sparks vs. Psychic Twin 
     Single: Kaiju by It Looks Sad. 
     Single: Paisley by Shilpa Ray

     Album: Dreamboat by Dreamboat 
     Album: Color In the Gray Machine by Mind the Journey
     Album: Minor Victories by Minor Victories
     Album: Okada by Okada
     EP: Third Sight by Landing 
     EP: Blind Spot by Lush 
     EP: Disasteriece by Sleepwreck 
     Single: Can You Feel My Love / Lifeline by Walleater

     7": Is And Always Was Daniel Johnston's Delay Pedal by Tape Deck Mountain
     Album: Sometime, Never by Akatombo 
     Album: The Wilderness by Explosions in the Sky
     Album: Good Grief by Lucius
     EP: Companion by Braids 
     Single: Out Is In by Lea Porcelain  

     7": EICV7" #108 by Toothless
     Album: Asphalt For Eden by Dälek 
     Album: Hello Friends by Summer Flake
     EP: Funeral Music by The Dearly Bereft
     EP: Air Frais by Dessin Bizarre 
     EP: A Year Without Words by Treyverb  

     7": EICV7" #106 by Sob Story
     Album: No Place Else by The Brainstems 
     Album: Mirakler by Lucho Ripley
     EP: Thermal Blue by Body Origami       
     EP: The State of Things by Visuals       

     Album: Bitter's Kiss by Bitter's Kiss
     Album: Dealing With the Weird by Fucko 
     Album: Alien Oceans by Space Sweeper
     Album: Flame Failures by Why the Wires       
     Concert: TRIATHALON w/ Meat on Monday.11.April.2016

     Happy Birthday to me! This is the 16th anniversary of EvilSponge appearing on the web.
     Album: You by Dying Machines
     Album: Willow by Germany Germany     
     Album: Nothing Bothers Me by Triathalon
     Album: Stranger Things by Yuck    

     Album: How the Other Half Live and Die by Cold, Cold Heart
     Album: Unsound by Iván Muela     
     Concert: YUCK w/ Sunflower Bean and Big Thief on Saturday.12.March.2016
     EP: Hedera by Lesley Flanigan
     EP: EP 1 by Past Life   
     EP: Through the Winter Woods by Tegh and Kamyar TavaKoli   

     7": Everything Is Chemical Virtual 7" # 100 by Múshhh
     Album: The Great Outdoors by Andrew Bernstein
     Album: Silhouettes by The Harrow
     Album: Anxious Utopia by My Gold Mask
     Album: Sees All Knows All by Sonny Smith
     Album: Inhibitor by Wild Moth
     Compilation: Everything Melts Eventually, Volume 1

     Album: This Sea Is Killing Me by Autodrone
     Compilation: Revolution: Shoegaze Revival by various artists     
     Concert: LOW on Thursday.4.February.2016

     7": Time Is A Machine Gun b/wThe Heart Never Recovered by A Shoreline Dream
     10" EP: Analog Creatures by Immersion
     Album: Sea of Brass by British Sea Power
     Album: The Wild Animals In My Life by Flesh World

     Album: All of Something by Sports
     Album: Anything Is Possible And Nothing Makes Sense by Twin Limb

     Concert: WILD MOTH w/ Tired Magic on Friday.20.November.2015
     EP: Galaxies by Kindling
     EP: End of Days by See Through Dresses

     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan

     Album: Zen Summer by Cloud
     Album: Days with Dr. Yen Lo by Ka and Preservation
     Album: Last Year's Savage by Shilpa Ray
     Album: Teeth Out by The Silence Set
     Concert: DÄLEK w/ Fiatnil and Wake on Tuesday.3.November.2015

     Album: Momentary Lapse of Hapily by Adult Mom
     Album: Moyamoya by Moyamoya
     Concert: YOUNG WIDOWS w/ Reverse the Curse and Tired Magic on Friday.30.October.2015

     Album: Non-believers by Mac McCaughan
     Album: Native Lights by Native Lights
     Album: Lull by Tideland
     Album: Paradigm 3 by The Virgance

     Festival: SECRET STAGES 2015 Day 1 with Dead Baloons, Gold-bears, Twin Limb,
                 Waking Astronomer, and Landlady
on Friday.31.July.2015
     Festival: SECRET STAGES 2015 Day 2 with Droves, Raindeer, The Sheikhs, Seratones,
                  Muuy Biien, and PRECUBED
on Saturday.1.August.2015

     7": Alright by Alright
     Album: Algiers by Algiers
     Album: Every Other by Hey Elbow
     Album: Behind Black Clouds by Monochromie
     Album: Gunnera by Pfarmers
     Album: Conversion by Seeming Emptiness
     Album: The People Are Home by The Underground Railroad to Candyland
     EP: What We Should Have Said by Pillow Talk
     Novel: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

     Album: Half Lives: Mountains Sweat Clouds by Aidan Baker
     Album: Half Lives: As I Walked On Dead Earth by Aidan Baker
     Album: We Held Our Breath Until Our Hearts Exploded by Beneath Watchful Eyes
     Album: For by If Thousands
     Album: Things Change by Late Bloomer
     Concert: ALGIERS w/ Landline and Twins on Friday.05.June.2015
     EP: Designers by Betama

     7": Disappears by Football, Etc.
     Album: Hold Still Live by Field Mouse
     Album: Sunrise for Everyone by La Cerca
     Concert: MAC MCCAUGHAN AND THE NON-BELIEVERS w/ Flesh Wounds and Gold-Bears on
     Split Album: Split Album by Sandrider and Kinski

     Album: Slumber by Dead Stars
     Album: Safety & Comfort by Hoax Hunters
     EP: Starting Fires In My Parents House by Blis.
     EP: Flow by Ivadell

     7": Dikembe / The Jazz June split
     7": Little Big League/ Ovlov June split
     Album: Transfixiation by A Place To Bury Strangers
     Album: The Noise Figures by The Noise Figures
     Album: Half the City by St. Paul and the Broken Bones
     Album: Lo Tide by Triathalon
     EP: Cheap Thrills On a Dead End Street by Beach Slang
     EP: It Looks Sad. by It Looks Sad.
     EP: Anteros by The Olive Shoots

     Album: Below Sea Level by International Hyper Rythmique
     Concert: A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS w/ Ed Schrader's Muisc Beat and Bataille
on Sunday.21.February.2015
     Soundtrack: White Bird in a Blizzard by Robin Guthrie and Harold Budd

     7": EICV7" No. 93 by Halcyon Chamber
     Album: Syro by Aphex Twin
     Album: Five by Echodrone
     Album: In, Empty by On Your Horizon
     EP: Anomie by Anomie
     EP: Halcyon Chamber by Halcyon Chamber

     7": Endless/Blur b/w Night Clinics by Búho
     7": EICV7" No. 86 by The Harrow
     7": EICV7" No. 91 by Non-Human Persons
     Album: Home Everywhere by Medicine
     Concert: THE LIVERHEARTS W/ Motherfucker, Vincas, and SWOTS on Friday.23.January.2015
     EP: Sedated by Lilac Daze
     Split LP: Fury and Hecla by Loscil and Fieldhead

     Album: Irma Rep by Amp Rive
     Album: Beauty & Ruin by Bob Mould

     Best Of Lists: PostLibyan


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