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2003 continued the inexorible growth of this media empire. I added new Minions, and generally posted a heck of a lot of content.

It was a good year for us.



What Happened?

     Best Of Lists: Sparklehonky has submitted a list of Top 10 Internet Sites.
     Debut: The above "Best of" list is the writing debut of long-time Minion Associate Sparklehonkey. Make her feel at home folks.
     Most Popular Pages: It's a strange Top 3 list for December. I can account for the popularity of the Pere Ubu review as being due to the recent Rocket From the Tombs tour, but why are people reading about the final album by an obscure, drum burning, Texas band? And then of course, comes the review that most people on the Internet know us for... Anyway, a strange list.

     Best Of Lists: Fyno has submitted a list of Top 10 News Stories of 2003.

     Best Of Lists: MediaHostage lists recorded music and Reasons Really Late Running Shows Suck.
     Best Of Lists: Postlibyan lists recorded music in several formats, as well as live music.
     Best Of Lists: The Priestess lists Top 10 Restaurants.
     Best Of Lists: Tracers lists recorded music and live music.

   12": 3D Concepts by Miles Tilmann
   Album: Conjure 1 by Conjure 1
   Album: Poem by Delerium
   Album: Find Yourself Along the Way by The Meeting Places
   Album: Promise by Portal
   Compilation: Rough Trade 25: Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
   EP: Green Arke by The Transmissions

   Album: It's A Secret To Everybody by The Close
   Album: Leave Me Out Of This by Fiel Garvie
   Album: Passages Through by Landing
   Album: Outerbeats by Mallory
   Album: Cedarland by Palaxy Tracks
   Album: Friends Are Ghosts by Taking Pictures
   Album: Disappear Here by Yellow6

   Album: Guitar Romantic by The Exploding Hearts
   Album: The Roads Outgrown by The Frames
   Album: Imaginary Maps by Imaginary Maps
   Album: The Island of Misfit Songs by Scot Ninnemann
   EP: EP by Schengen with Portal, Innerise, and Weyland
   Popularity: Check out what our loyal readers were reading during October and November.

   Album: Loki by The Black Kites
   Album: The Lathe of Heaven by Dream Into Dust
   Concert: THE DEATHRAY DAVIES w/ The Whigs on Tues.28.Oct.03
   Concert: LANDING w/ Magicicada on Mon.24.Nov.03
   EP: Power 0.42 by The Can Utility

   7": Obstacle 1 by Interpol
   Album: Integral by Horchata
   Album: Coriolis by Ti-cal
   Concert: CENTRE w/ Teen Wheat on Thu.23.Oct.03
   EP: The Slip by The Slip

   Abum: Imperial by Robin Guthrie
   Album: Dream It Was Crazy by The Institute for Psychic Reform
   Album: El Naval by Mus
   Album: The No Music by Themselves
   EP: All Tomorrows Parties by All Tomorrows Parties

   7": split release by Electro Group and St. Avalanche
   7": Out on the Edge of Time by Electroscope
   7": Sub:702, a split release featuring Miles Tilmann and Larvae
   8": In Your Room by Airiel
   Album: Dear Catastrophe Waitress by Belle and Sebastien
   Album: Live 2003 by Saturday Looks Good to Me
   Album: L'avventura by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips
   EP: Fade In Fade Out by Landing
   EP: Seduce the Government by The Trembling
   Concert: SUPERCHUNK w/ Matt Suggs on Sat.11.Oct.03
   Most Popular: I know that you are anxious as me to see what our Most Popular Page is for September. Well, the polls are closed and the results are ... interesting to say the least. Check it out.

   Event: You might have noticed that an announcement for the immanent live show by Karl Hendricks at The Echo Lounge has been sitting in our "What's Coming?" area for a few months now. Well, in preparation for the show Tracers and PostLibyan have provided a complete review of The Jerks Win Again, the latest album by The Karl Hendricks Trio. You might want to read up before the show this Sunday ....
   TV: Whoopi!

   Album: Everyone Down Here by Earlimart
   Concert: TIJUANA HERCULES w/ Envie on Thu.28.Aug.03
   Film: Matchstick Men

   7": Red Morning b/w Sunny by Devics
   Album: Icarus by The Forms
   Concert: BJORK w/ Bonnie Prince Billy and The Matthew Herbert Big Band on Mon.11.Aug.03
   Concert: MIDSTATES w/ The Good Players on Thu.21.Aug.03
   Concert: MASERATI w/ Paper Lions, Party of Helicopters, & From Monuments to Masses on Fri.22.Aug.03
   EP: The Things We Say by Bella Parker
   EP: Armadillo In The Snow by Primitive Painter
   Features: Both the Most Popular Pages list and Funny Search Phrases have been updated for August

   Album: Cedars by Clearlake
   Special Announcement: This review marks the first submission from new Minion MediaHostage. Welcome aboard my good man.
   Album: Midnight at the Black Nail Polish Factory by The Deathray Davies
   Film: Secretary
   TV: Nip/Tuck 

   Concert: JOE JACKSON w/ Dave Dean on Fri.15.Aug.03
   EP: Bugman EP by French Toast
   Film: Spellbound
   Tryptych: Crickets and Fireflies by Kinski, Paik, and Surface of Eceyon

   Album: Can You See the Music by DJ Me DJ You
   Album: Remixes by Portal
   Album: All Your Summer Songs by Saturday Looks Good To Me
   Film: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
   TV: The Real Roseanne Show 

   Downloadable album: Music Made For You ... And By You, I Mean Me. by Gel-sol
   Recruitment Drive: My EvilSponge.org website has reached a time in it's lifecycle wherein we could use a few more writers. If you are interested, check out this link.
   TV Show: Trading Spaces

   Album: Making Aeroplanes Out of Our Bodies by Ashburne Glen
   Album: Clockworker by Young Antiques
   Concert: CARISSA'S WIERD w/ Envie on Wed.9.July.03
   Update: We have 3 more "Funniest Search Phrases" listed, new ones at the top. We have also compiled our Most Popular Pages for the month of July.

   Concert: THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN w/ El Guapo and Cex on Fri.11.July.03
   Concert: THE FALL w/ Paper Lions on Sat.12.July.03
   Concert: THE OCTOPUS PROJECT w/ Telegram on Fri.17.July.03
   Concert: MORELAND AUDIO w/ Giddy Motors on Sat.18.July.03
   EP: Decay:Repeat by Yellow6

   Album: She Has No Strings Apollo by Dirty 3
   Album: Lake:Desert by Yellow6
   Concert: ROBERT RICH w/ Lanterna and Envie on Sat.14.June.03
   Split EP: untitled featuring Monster Movie and Dreamend

   Album: Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne
   Free Album: Lorna by Lorna
   Re-release: Twoism by Boards of Canada
   Update: We have 4 more "Funniest Search Phrases" listed, new ones at the top. I swear we are not making this stuff up. Additionally, we have a new ranking of our Most Popular Pages. Perhaps The Postal Service will take the long-running popularity award away from Azure Ray. Tune in next month to see if they can keep it up!

   Album: These Are Good Times by The High Strung
   Downloadable EP: Free by Fairburn Royals
   EP: Sigur 1 - 9 by Sigur Ros
   Split album: Split featuring Portal and Yellow6

   Event: As you might have heard, the first 4 Cocteau Twins albums have just been re-released. PostLibyan is something of a fanatic of the band, so he has compiled an extensive review of these works. Start off with some general comments on "re-mastering", and then proceed to the reviews.
   Re-mastered album: Garlands by Cocteau Twins
   Re-mastered album: Head Over Heels by Cocteau Twins
   Re-mastered album: Treasure by Cocteau Twins
   Re-mastered album: Victorialand by Cocteau Twins

   Album: Converted Thieves by Black Lipstick
   Album: Let Go by Nada Surf
   Album: pilotinstaller by NON FINIRe mai
   Death threat: An irate reader posts that "the evil sponge is the worst online publication ever created and i think that you guys should be shot dead." Read all about it!
   EP: The Kids are all Wrong by My Favorite
   Update: We have a winner! Some lucky review has finally kicked Azure Ray out of the Number 1 spot as our most read review. I bet you're just itching to know who it is! Check out our features page to see who the lucky artist it is. (Hint, the Most Popular Pages stuff is at the bottom of the page, after all that "Wierd Search Phrases" stuff.)

   Album: Log 22 by Bettie Serveert
   Album: Dear Everybody by Scott Carpenter and the Real McCoys
   Album: Sexy Losers by The High Score
   Album: A Slow Messe by Molasses
   Compilation: Blue Skied an' Clear, a sampler from Morr Music
   Concert: JOHNNY MARR & THE HEALERS w/ Palo Alto and Film on Tue.13.May.03
   Tryptych: New Found Land by Yellow6, Rothko, and Landing

   Concert: WINDY & CARL w/ Paik and Antasten on Wed.23.Apr.03
   EP: Read & Burn 01 by Wire
   EP: Read & Burn 02 by Wire

   Album: Everything Is Good Here/Please Come Home by Angels of Light
   Album: Aires de Bocacalle by Nona Delichas
   Album: Tomorrow Waits by Silent Kids
   Compilation: Bless You, a sampler from BadOrb.com
   Concert: MORELAND AUDIO w/ Rizzudo and Copa Vance on Sat.15.Feb.03
   Single: Late Century Dream by Superchunk

   Album: 100 Days Off by Underworld
   Concert: SPARKLEHORSE w/ The Roy Owens Jr. on Fri.28.Mar.03
   Concert: THE DEATHRAY DAVIES w/ French Toast on Thu.27.Jan.03
   Update: After a long period of difficulties accessing our hosting information, we have new Funniest Search Phrases and Most Popular Pages for you. Will any review ever knock Azure Ray off our "most popular page" spot?

   Concert: THE VANDERMARK 5 on Wed.26.Mar.03
   Concert: SUICIDE w/ The White Lights and Tenth to the Moon on Sat.18.Jan.03
   EP: Updates by American Analog Set
   Single: Art Class (Song for Yayoi Kusama) by Superchunk

   7": Scene of the Crime b/w The Fourth Way by Sybarite
   Album: Kill the Messenger by The Indicators
   Album: Seasons by Landing
   Album: Reconstructive Surgery by Martyr and Pistol
   Band: Project Skyward
   Concert: THE SEA AND CAKE w/ Califone on Sat.15.Mar.03
   EP: Breakthroughs by Project Skyward
   EP: Distant Blue by Project Skyward

   Album: Source:Remix by Yellow6
   Concert: GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR w/ Bardo Pond on Sun.9.Mar.03
   Concert: JOHN VANDERSLICE w/ Kennedy on Sun.9.Mar.03
   Concert: MISSION OF BURMA w/ Heros Severum and Martyr & Pistol on Thu.20.Jan.03

   Album: Evaporation by Artichoke
   Concert: THE SHIPPING NEWS w/ Centre and Earlimart on Sat.8.Feb.03
   Concert: KIDNEY THIEVES w/ Vagenius, Stolen Babies, and Lunachild on Thu.20.Jan.03

   Album: Entheogenic by Entheogenic
   Album: Yanqui U.X.O. by Godspeed You Black Emperor
   Concert: GARGANTUA w/ Ceiling Fan and The Enigmatics on Sat.18.Jan.03

   Album: Torino by Cinerama
   Album: This Night by Destroyer
   Album: Split release from Fennesz and Main
   Album: Give Up by The Postal Service
   Album: Steal This Album by System of a Down
   Concert: THE CHAMELEONS w/ The Union and The Sightseers on Sat.28.Sept.02
   Concert: THE KLEZMER CONSERVATORY BAND on Wed.18.Dec.02
   Concert: DJ SPOOKY AND MIKE CLARK w/ Djini Brown and Psyche Origami on Fri.17.Jan.03

   Album: Out of Season by Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man
   Archive: I have archived the old posting list for 2002. No time now to live in the past, not when we have plenty of new content to enjoy!
   Concert: THE DEATHRAY DAVIES w/ Legendary Crystal Chandelier and Pointy Shoe Factory on Thu.19.Dec.02
   Concert: ATLANTIC w/ The Eskimos and The Fairburn Royals on Thu.16.Jan.03
   Concert: THE BLUEJAYS on Sun.19.Jan.03
   Concert: KNIFE IN THE WATER w/ Western Keys and Clemente on Wed.22.Jan.03
   Fanzine: Installation:05, a compilation and magazine from Mass Transfer

   Album: Shenzhou by Biosphere
   Album: Situationist Comedy by Dillinger 4
   Album: The Sound of the Colour of the Sun by SIANspheric
   Album: Pop Ambient 2003, a various artists compilation by Kompakt Records
   Concert: ENVIE w/ Hubcap City and Sound Doesn't Travel Through Nothing on Sat.25.Jan.03
   Concert: Lifeform:Project Event on Thu.9.Jan.03
   Film: Chicago

   Album: Gradations by Electric Birds
   Album: No One Knows Anthing for Sure... by First Night on Earth
   Album: You Show No Emotion at All by Hood
   Album: Ultramarin by Jetone
   Album: 100th Window by Massive Attack
   Album: Neon Golden by The Notwist

   Album: Whole Numbers Play the Basics by Casino vs. Japan
   Album: St. The Fire Show by The Fire Show
   Album: Valis by Christian Kleine
   Album: Single by Pub
   Film: Gangs of New York

   Album: Something Must be Transmitted Somehow by The Eskimos
   Concert: The very last ever ROCK*A*TEENS show, with The 45s and shannonwright opening, on New Year's Eve, Tue.31.Dec.02

Updates are posted to our year-end reviews: Gooner added a list of "Honorable Mentions" to his albums list. Malimus finishes off his list, and PostLibyan gives us his. Read our collected wisdom, and learn.
New Reviews:
   Album: Waltz For Koop by Koop
   Album: Silver Line on a Black Sea by The Potomac Accord
   Concert: PAPER LIONS w/ The Tom Collins and 1000 Fires on Fri.28.Nov.02
   Concert: 5-8 w/ The Ludovico Technique and Dodd Ferrelle and the Tinfoil Stars on Sat.28.Dec.02

Well, it's time for our "End of The Year Lists". Not all of them are ready yet, but you can read what Gooner and Tracers have to say in summary, as well as the first half of what Malimus has to say. Stay glued to your monitor, as we will post the rest of these over the next week or so.
     Speaking of Malimus: "Bad Minion, no biscuit!" Rather than review albums as he heard them, Malimus has waited until now to submit a whole bunch of mini-reviews. So I have posted mini-reviews of 2002 releases by: Ryan Adams, Azure Ray, The Black Heart Procession, Neko Case, Centaur, Crooked Fingers, Jack Johnson, Rhett Miller, OK Go, The Prima Donnas, The Reputation, Sixteen Horsepower, Small Faces, and Sparta. And he tells me there is more coming! Oy vey!
Oh yeah, we have some regular old, well-scheduled New Reviews for you as well:
    Album: The Cold After by The Cold After
    Concert: THE POLYPHONIC SPREE w/ Earlimart on Fri.4.Oct.02
    Concert: THE FRAMES w/ a whole slew of folks on Sat.14.Sept.02
    TV Event/Movie: Live From Baghdad


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