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2002 was a banner year for EvilSponge. My Empire spread all the way to California, and we gained a bit of legitimacy in the form of recognition from the music industry itself. (That means, in laymans terms, labels started giving us free shit to review).

It's good to be a sponge.



What Happened?

   Concert: The very last ever ROCK*A*TEENS show, with The 45s and shannonwright opening, on New Year's Eve, Tue.31.Dec.02

Updates are posted to our year-end reviews: Gooner added a list of "Honorable Mentions" to his albums list. Malimus finishes off his list, and PostLibyan gives us his. Read our collected wisdom, and learn.

Well, it's time for our "End of The Year Lists". Not all of them are ready yet, but you can read what Gooner and Tracers have to say in summary, as well as the first half of what Malimus has to say. Stay glued to your monitor, as we will post the rest of these over the next week or so.
     Speaking of Malimus: "Bad Minion, no biscuit!" Rather than review albums as he heard them, Malimus has waited until now to submit a whole bunch of mini-reviews. So I have posted mini-reviews of 2002 releases by: Ryan Adams, Azure Ray, The Black Heart Procession, Neko Case, Centaur, Crooked Fingers, Jack Johnson, Rhett Miller, OK Go, The Prima Donnas, The Reputation, Sixteen Horsepower, Small Faces, and Sparta. And he tells me there is more coming! Oy vey!

New Reviews:
   Album: Streets of Blah by Thomas Fehlmann
   Album: Turn on the Bright Lights by Interpol
   Album: Aida by Mus

New Reviews:
   Album: Oh Me Oh My ... by Devendra Banhart
   Album: On Involuntary Bliss by The Flashing Astonishers
   Album: The Trial Of St. Orange by The Shalabi Effect
   Album: Murray Street by Sonic Youth
   Concert: AMERICAN ANALOG SET w/ Her Space Holiday on Sat.10.Aug.02
   Concert: MASERATI w/ The Mercury Program and Fin Fang Foom on Fri.22.Nov.02

Finally, at long last, we have updated our Most Popular Pages list, as well as added some humorous search phrases that brought folks here to The 'Sponge.
New Reviews:
   Album: Asleep In The Well by Faith Kleppinger
   Concert: WIRE w/ Oxes on Sat.21.Sept.02
   Concert: PERE UBU w/ The Features on Fri.27.Sept.02
   Concert: THE CLOSE w/ The Young Antiques and The Ed Kemper Trio on Sat.26.Oct.02
   Concert: THE FLAMING LIPS on Mon.4.Nov.02

New Reviews:
   Album: England, Half English by Billy Bragg and the Blokes
   Album: No Means Yes by Crybaby
   Album: People Ruin Everything by The Kenmores
   Concert: THE POSSIBILITIES w/ The Eskimos and Two Cow Garage on Sat.28.Sept.02
   Concert: CALVIN JOHNSON w/ Little Wing on Sat.17.Aug.02

New Reviews:
   Concert: THE FIRST ANNUAL IG FESTIVAL w/ more bands that you could shake a stick at on Thurs.1.Aug. through Sat.3.Aug of 2002
   Concert: +/- w/ The Clairvoyants and The Secret Machines on Wed.21.May.02

New Reviews:
   Album: Land by Patti Smith
   Concert: THE WEAKERTHANS w/ Denali and Greg McPherson on Sun.25.Aug.02
   Concert: THE EVILS w/ Freakshow and The Blue Flame Combo on Sat.24.Aug.02
   Concert: FOG w/ Univac and Mummers on Tues.20.Aug.02
   Concert: THE ORIGINAL SINNERS w/ Johnny Knox & Hi Test and The Blue Flame Combo on Sat.27.Jul.02

New Reviews:
   Album: Manic Expressive by Her Space Holiday
   Album: Sleep by Telefuzz
   Concert: 5-8 w/ RS5 and Motorway on Sat.31.Aug.02
   Concert: MURRAY ATTAWAY AND THE REDEEMERS w/ The Indicators and Kenny Howes on Sat.24.Aug.02
   Concert: MÚM on Thu.8.Aug.02
   Concert: THE RADAR BROTHERS w/ Earlimart and Silversun Pickups on Thu.1.Aug.02

New Reviews:
   Album: 45RPM: The Singles of The The by The The
   Concert: THE FLAMING LIPS w/ Folk Implosion on Wed.17.Jul.02
   Film: Y Tu Mamá Tambien

New Reviews:
   Album: Oceanless by Landing
   Album: Way Out by The Possibilities
   Concert: SUNDAY'S BEST w/ Velvet Teen and Exit on Mon.17.Jun.02
   Film: Enigma

New Reviews:
   Album: The Revolt Against Tired Noises by The Stratford 4
   Concert: SPIRITUALIZED w/ Black Rebel Motorcylce Club on Thu.18.Apr.02
   Film: Minority Report
   Film: The Powerpuff Girls Movie

New Reviews:
   Album: Geogaddi by Boards of Canada
   Album: Listen Hard by Melissa Ferrick
   Album: On by Imperial Teen
   Album: A Cult of One by My Favorite
   Concert: BULLY w/ Clemente on Wed.29.May.02
   Update: We have actually updated our oft neglected Features page with new silly links. Really.

New Reviews:
   Album: Source Tags and Codes by ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead
   Album: Dynasty by The Grace Period
   Album: Villa Claustrophobia by Tanakh
   Concert: PEDRO THE LION w/ Damion Jurado and T.W. Walsh on Sat.18.May.02

New Reviews:
   Album: New Everything by Big Lazy
   Album: Modulate by Bob Mould
   Album: Maladroit by Weezer
   Concert: PLAID w/ Nobukazu Takemura and Mira Calix on Thus.4.Apr.02

New Reviews:
   Album: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
   Album: & Yet & Yet by Do Make Say Think
   Concert: CLINIC w/ The Departure Lounge and The Close on Wed.13.Mar.02
   Concert: PARLOUR w/ Silver Sun Pickups and Gwendolyn on Wed.17.Apr.02

New Reviews:
   Album: Future Songs by The Cranes
   Album: The Day Of The Ray by The Deathray Davies
   Concert: THE DEAD KENNEDY'S w/ The SkaDaddy's and Dr. Know on Sun.7.Apr.02
   Concert: CONCRETE BLONDE w/ Steve Wynn on Mon.15.Apr.02

New Reviews:
   Concert: SEAWORTHY w/ stillife;gaijin and Audomobil? on Sat.13.Apr.02
   Film: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

New Reviews:
   Album: Big Lazy by Big Lazy
   Album: Excuses For Travellers by Mojave 3
   Album: Get Ready by New Order
   Concert: FILA BRAZILLA w/ DJ Santo and Tikihutt on Sat.6.Apr.02



Today, EvilSponge.org goes bi-coastal. Yes, you heard me right: tonight you see the first postings from Gooner, my first Minion on The West Coast of The United States. I now have Minions in LA too! (Take that Squelishimous, you old fart!) My domination of mankind proceeds according to schedule....

Will all of you loyal readers out there please welcome Gooner to the fold, and make him feel at home. Gooner is, apparently, the West Coast version of Tracers. That is, he is as addicted to seeing live music as she is, and he has promised to give us updates on the live musical occurances out there in LA. This should provide a different perspective to our Concert Reviews, and give you more chances to learn about bands.


I am so proud. No, really.

   Album: Beautiful Chaos: Greatest Hits Live by The Psychedelic Furs
   Concert: BLACK HEART PROCESSION w/ The Devics and Elia on Sun.31.Mar.02
   Concert: HOOD w/ cLOUDEAD and DNTel on Wed.27.Mar.02
   Concert: MOLDY PEACHES w/ Dressy Bessy and The Deathray Davies on Wed.20.Mar.02
   Concert: HOOD w/ Chicks On Speed, Louie Austen, and Audomobil? on Mon.18.Mar.02

New Reviews:
   Album: Furniture by Fugazi
   Album: Veni Vidi Vicious by The Hives
   Album: Moldy Peaches by The Moldy Peaches
   Album: Masses by Spring Heel Jack
   Concert: AMERICAN DREAM w/ Tijuana Hercules on Sat.16.Mar.02
   Concert: CRYBABY w/ Sharks and Minnows, 3D5SPD, and Faith Kleppinger on Fri.15.Mar.02

New Reviews:
   Album: Alone I Admire by Auburn Lull
   Album: Grounded by Module
   Album: Is This It? by The Strokes
   Concert: TRISTEZA w/ Rizzudo and The Remuxers on Thu.28.Feb.02
   Concert: MASERATI w/ Moreland Audio and The Paper Lions on Fri.8.Feb.02
   Concert: THE GLORIA RECORD w/ Her Space Holiday and The Ides Of Space on Sat.2.Feb.02

New Reviews:
   Album: Cold House by Hood
   Concert: THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS w/ The Frames and Grumpy on Thu.14.Feb.02
   Concert: THE DRIVE BY TRUCKERS w/ The Possibilities on Sat.02.Mar.02
   Concert: THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN w/ Death Cab For Cutie and Cex on Sun.10.Mar.02

New Reviews:
   Album: You Brought Us Here by Bethany Curve
   Album: Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever by Explosions In The Sky
   Album: Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea by P. J. Harvey
   Album: Triple Point by Loscil
   Album: Last Night Something Happened by Monster Movie
   Album: Far Away Trains Passing By by Ulrich Schnauss
   Concert: BLAKE RAINEY w/ Kahle Davis and Faith Kleppinger on Fri.15.Feb.02

We actually track what things people read on this site, and for the first time in a while we have a new Most Popular Page! Yes, read our Features to see who finally kicked Azure Ray out of the Number One spot.
New Reviews:
   Album: The Red Thread by Arab Strap
   Album: The Four Kingdoms of Black Lipstick by Black Lipstick
   Album: Life Is Full Of Possibilites by Dntel
   Concert: 6X w/ The Moto-Litas on Sat.16.Feb.02
   Film: The Count Of Monte Cristo

New Reviews:
   Album: 8Bit by Alison's Halo
   Album: The Argument by Fugazi
   Album: A 24 Syllable Haiku by Isobella
   Album: Left and Leaving by The Weakerthans

New Reviews:
   Album: For The Birds by The Frames

New Reviews:
   Album: Jetlag Dreams by Departure Lounge
   Album: BeautifulGarbage by Garbage
   Album: The Sound of Space by Hypnotech 3
   Album: Old Liquidator by The Minus 5
   Album: Girls Can Tell by Spoon
   Album: Killer Eyes by Violet Indiana

New Reviews:
   Album: Elesgiem by Lowsunday
   Album: Weezer (green album) by Weezer
   Album: On A Beach On A Mountain by The Young Antiques
   Album: Wardrobe For A Jet Weekend by The Young Antiques
   Concert: THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS w/ Echo & The Bunnymen on Thu.15.Nov.01
   Concert: CATFIGHT! w/ Dixie Witch on Sat.12.Jan.02
   Concert: SPECTRALUX w/ Potomac Accord and Twittering Machine on Sat.26.Jan.02

The Minion Bio for Brillo, which was lost in the upgrade back in October, has been replaced with new and interesting content.
New Reviews:
   Album: Split EP by The Dismemberment Plan and Juno
   Album: La Prochaine Fois by Neotropic
   Concert: AMERICAN DREAM w/ 3D5SPD on Fri.11.Jan.02
   Concert: THE COUNTDOWN QUARTET w/ The Blue Jays on Fri.18.Jan.02
   Film: La Prochaine Fois
   Film: 61*

THEY'RE HERE THEY'RE HERE! We know you have been waiting for our annual end of the year Best Of lists, and they are ready! Click here to read them.
     One thing i discovered as i processed the reviews of my various Minions, the self-titled debut album from Azure Ray was ranked as a best album by every Minion who ranked such things. Apparently, their form of slow female pop appeals to all people, from garage rock fans like Tracers, to indie rockers like Silvergeek, to pop/rock fans like Malimus, and even elctro-distortion fans like PostLibyan. It is a strange, and unsuspected, occurance.
     So congrats to Azure Ray.
New Reviews:
   Album: Disparation by Biowire
   Album: Damon & Naomi with Ghost by Damon & Naomi with Ghost
   Album: In The Pulse Of An Artery by Rothko
   Concert: CASIONOVA w/ Crybaby and 1945 on Wed.26.Dec.01

New Reviews:
   Concert: FIVE-EIGHT w/ The Moto-litas, American Dream, and Kenny Howes on Mon.31.Dec.01
   Concert: THE ROCK*A*TEENS w/ The Woogles and A Fir Ju Well on Mon.31.Dec.01
   Concert: FLASH TO BANG TIME w/ American Dream and Martyr And Pistol on Sat.29.Dec.01
   Concert: CATFIGHT! w/ Chocolate Kiss and Sharks And Minnows on Fri.28.Dec.01

New Reviews:
   Album: Light As A Feather, Stiff As A Board by Sharks & Minnows
   Album: Special by Violet Indiana
   Concert: ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO w/ Kelly Hogan on Sat.1.Dec.01
   Concert: THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN w/ Ted Leo & The Pharmacists and El Guapo on Fri.7.Dec.01


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